[H] <Dynasty> is now recruiting

Dynasty welcomes you to Cataclysm! We are a fairly new guild that was made with the intention of leveling together, gearing together, running heroics together, raiding together, and even BG-ing together. We are a small guild looking to fill out our ranks as quick as possible. Whether you just grabbed Cataclysm and want people to help you get to 85, or you're already running heroics and you want a guild to run with and get achievements and gear, Dynasty is right for you! If you are looking to join, you can often find Linalae or me online. If neither of us are online, give a whisper to our members and see what they think about the guild. We welcome almost any class with open arms. You can also send Linalae or me some mail if you wish to speak with us directly, but we are unavailable. We hope you all have fun in cataclysm, and can't wait to hear from you.

Much love,
Guess I can bump for you napoleon.

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bump for Rae and Lin :)

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Lazy doesn't get a /hug cuz he didn't bump for me, just for my man. xP~
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