Possible Hotfix Nerfs?

So I started my first heroic today and I've noticed two things:

Light of Dawn heals for 3k less than it used to.
Tower of Radiance is not generating holy power when Holy Light is cast on the beacon target.

These seem too specific to be elaborate bugs. Perhaps blizzard decided we were able to do too much AoE healing on the cheap? Am I the only one noticing these changes?
I might have to laugh a lot if these are actual nerfs... and then cry because now ret and holy are useless.
Noticing the exact same thing. Crossing my fingers it's a bug.
Same here. Tower of Radiance doesn't work for Holy Light. Started about halfway through a heroic run - about 20 minutes ago.
Hope it's a bug because we're worthless if it's not.
Yup, I'm hoping it's a bug, otherwise...lol
If it is not a bug and is indeed intended Holy will not be a viable healing spec. This bug removes our toolbox completely.
Re-rolling if it isn't a bug lol
Yeah I'm pissed.
Welcome to healing issues the other classes have now. But seriously, I really would have rather seen other healers getting buffed to Pally level of healing. I never expected them to nerf you guys. But just think...now healing will be "fun" just like the developers wanted for us! lol
Not really the attitude I was hoping to see. The Sky is not falling, These aren't game breaking. Now this does make Tower of Radiance not worth the talent points, but that's as upset as I am.

I saw these nerfs coming several thousand miles away. I simply want to confirm that I wasn't the only one seeing this.

This is not a dealbreaker. Holy is not "No longer viable". If that's what you feel you need to post, please do it somewhere else.
Glad im not the only one then ... i cant even heal SFK anymore ... lol gg on the re-roll ill join ya
Eh. I expected nerfs. But not being able to generate holy power makes us HL bots.

There's no point in using holy power heals more than once every 18 sec (from HS).

Casting expensive heals to get "free" heals is not fun, interesting, or balanced. It's just broken.

This will remove holy play viability in raids. I expected Light of Dawn to get nerfed (specifically; it procing beacon of light) but for them to remove the ability to generate holy power is just flat out stupid.

It's akin to doing to holy what they've done to ret.
oh man, you gotta be kidding me....
I could understand slightly tweaking Light of Dawn to adjust how much it heals Beacon and also tweaking the amount of mana gained from judgements, but this is ridiculous. Practically makes Holy Power spells a retarded gimmick.
I had the same problem after the patch with Tower of Radiance not generating HP when healing the Beacon. I did not see any mention of this in the patch notes.
If this was a nerf it would be under patch notes w/ other classes that were changed.. This is a bug that hopefully is hotfixed before raids tonight
Is this confirmed as a bug or nerf?

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