Possible Hotfix Nerfs?

I find it far too specific to be a bug, and the hotfix for ToR seems to have gone in sometime today, so there's no guarantee it was published with the notes yesterday.

I believe this to be an intentional change to prevent holy paladins from spamming holy light on a beacon target then Light of Dawning for very cheap, effective aoe (and even tank, given beacon) healing. I saw this nerf coming because I agreed that it was a pretty ridiculous way to approach Raid healing. Likely also intended to limit the ability to spam holy light and word of glory on a tank for cheap tank healing as well.

That said, the nerf does make Tower of Radiance a very weak talent as far as I'm concerned. In a game where we're encouraged to use our cheap heals as much as possible, having it not synergize with the talent makes it limited in effectiveness. I'd like to see Tower of Radiance reworked to be an interesting talent, but I'm not feeling crippled here. I simply feel like the overarching design of Holy Power for Holy-specced paladins is taking a hit.
Is anyone else waiting to find out that Ret is now a more viable healing spec than Holy?
The thing is though, the talent tool tip still says that it procs with the use of holy light....

I decided to play my pally after getting to 85 on my shaman and realising that I can't heal any heroics because they've destroyed my aoe healing capability, also with the hope that pally healing will actually be "fun" this expansion. As I was doing dungeons it was, utilising holy power is a very interesting concept and I've gotten good at the LoD cone area too, so if it is a nerf, i suppose I'll attempt to tank...
If this is working as intended, and is going to be labeled as a nerf, my new main is my level 2 worgen mage.
This is the first time I've been upset enough about a nerf to log on the forums and complain about it. This makes holy power too slow and expensive to accumulate. I just got used to the way things were set up and was having a lot of fun with it, it was still very difficult to heal but it was fun, now it's going to be so difficult it wont be fun at all. If they thought holy pallys were OP I think there are better ways to nerf us than this.
I've done the last three bosses of H Deadmines (Ripsnarl, Cookie, and VanCleef) as well as all of H SFK Since the ToR bug/nerf (and with LoD healing for noticeably less).

It's definitely doable to heal heroics this way, but I'll be dropping Tower of Radiance from my build if this is confirmed intentional.



They should give us free respec to get rid of worthless Tower of Radiance.

I don't post often, but this change compels me.
I have been playing a holy pally since Classic, and the 4.0 changes were something I applauded. They made the class dynamic and forced intelligent healing.

Small as these new change may appear, it has large ramifications on the nature of healing for paladins now. We have been relegated to spam-based pre-4.0 healing again, and this saddens me.

I'm not one to cry foul without having a solution, so here it is. Add HL back to ToR, but lower it's ability to proc. It won't be as dynamic as being able to count on it, but atleast HL won't be removed from most paladins' action bars altogether.
its confirmed nerf.... err 'hotfixed' as it was described... xpacs been out for a week, i figured out how to use the new spells in a few randoms and how to use holy light spam during slow times to generate power... guess i was exploiting lol

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