[Holy] Nerfing the wrong things?

We needed a nerf, it was ridiculous how easy things were with the Tower (of Power) rotation. However, maybe it's just me, but it seems like they approached this the completely wrong way.

Instead of nerfing our main form of Holy Power generation, they should maybe have taken a better look at our Holy Power spells. Light of Dawn was cheapening the experience because of the (what I assume is) Beacon healing that it did, at least for me. Not because of how often I had it available or the AoE capabilities. Fixing the transference of LoD healing with Beacon would have made Word of Glory much more useful again as the single target heal again, rather than being placed on the backburner. I could even have accepted a slight nerf to it (rather than the 30% or so), but to make us have to cast our least mana-efficient spells or stand in melee range to generate Holy Power seems a bit silly. Removing the target cap doesn't fix the issue of it not being available often enough to warrant how much it heals for.

So tl;dr:

Fix the LoD/Beacon bug first instead of screwing our HP generation over and turning WoG/LoD into gimmick abilities.

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