Two Ret questions:

1. Which add ons have you used and liked for ret? Currently all I am using is a boss and gear score add on but would be willing to try ones that could be helpful.

2. In DPS CCing with another paladin tanking, should I still be using repentance? Does the tank use it at all? This hasn't been an issue until cata (obviously) and I ran my first dungeon with a pally tanking last night. Afterward I was thinking about the dungeon and started contemplating if they would use repentance or not. The one cata dungeon I tanked (I hate tanking but we had been waiting for 10 minutes for a new one) I had used it while fumbling with my poorly set up interface for protection because I needed to find my Righteous Defense and the other one that I can't think of the name that forces a target to attack you.

I have since fixed my set up for protection now that I understand it a bit better but I doubt I will use it a ton since I hate to tank.... but it's there and waiting if I ever have to again.
1. I use Deadly Boss Mods and that's really it =P Mostly I just use some macros. Though a dot timer for Inq would be helpful.

2. The tank will never cast repentance... he won't have it. It's a deep Ret talent. So yeah. You should use it.
Thanks! I didn't know that :) And yeah I think that is name of the add on I have. I didn't really pay attention when I was putting points in and now I am thinking about unlearning and paying attention as i put it in.

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