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Edited by Nethaera on 12/14/10 9:38 PM (UTC) These hotfixes were intentional and we wanted to share more information about the "why" for you all here:

Mana is supposed to matter for healers, and in the case of Holy paladins, that just wasn’t happening. We were seeing raid groups attempting to learn new bosses where the other healers were out of mana while the paladins were still at 90% of mana. We also thought the experience of paladins healing harder heroic dungeons was inconsistent with that of other healers, or our design intent. We thought it was only a matter of time before groups started going out of their way to stack paladins for raids or recruit them for dungeon runs, which of course is not our intent. For this reason, we thought it was important to address this point now rather than sitting on it until a future patch.

The main culprit for the increased paladin efficiency this was Holy Power from Tower of Radiance. We were seeing a strategy develop where paladins would cast Holy Light on a Beaconed tank, and then cast Light of Dawn on the raid (and use very few other spells). This strategy was remarkably successful considering how simple it is. The Holy Power-based heals are supposed to be an important component of the paladin kit, but because Holy Light is designed to be super efficient, the overall strategy was too efficient. The intent of Tower of Radiance was to make directly healing a Beacon of Light target less punitive, but instead it was becoming the only smart way to play. You can still generate Holy Power by using Flash of Light or Divine Light on a Beaconed target, or through a variety of other ways. Remember, overall it isn’t balanced if paladins are just as mana efficient as other healers and have several mana-free spells.

Light of Dawn was adjusted because it was completely eclipsing Word of Glory. We lowered the healing of Word of Glory late in development, but also redesigned Light of Dawn. They had fallen out of sync, and Light of Dawn was just too good.

Healing has to be the most tedius/least fun it has ever been in WoW. Makes me sad.
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It's obvious that not a single developer plays a paladin as a main when they make such broad sweeping nerfs so hastily.

It's been 2 weeks and that's the data you need? Get out of here!
So they basically made holy power obsolete for a holy paladin (ironic, don't you think?) and left Divine Plea in a spot where it can kill people to use it, but now it can also kill people to not use it.

Yeah. I'm using CS and going to melee bosses now. Anyone know if ToR should be replaced?
May as well remove ToR.
now we have just to adapt ours selfes to heal like this... Or reroll.
So uh, is Blizzard going to remove ToR or just leave it there like the idiots they are?
Yeah, I really don't think they thought this through at all. The point of holy power seemed to be to allow us to be smart about how we used our heals in order to save away power for big emergency heals. Being able to drop a holy light, holy shock, then Word of Glory on the tank was very nice big burst healing. We could also choose to heal the tank first and then use light of dawn to heal the raid. In this way we had various scaling methods for healing the group.

Now what can we do? Those free heals aren't free heals anymore if they both made them take much much longer to build up to and nerfed their healing. Why would I bother to holy shock myself up to three holy power and then use a light of dawn when I could just spread out some holy lights? I can totally see this removing almost all use of light of dawn, aside from small "touch up" healing when you happen to have the holy power and don't need it for word of glory.

This could have been much more easily fixed by doing something like lowering holy light's chance to proc the holy power to 50%. This way it wouldn't be reliable to just cast holy light three times and then cast light of dawn, but it'd still allow us to build up holy power when we do happen to need to heal the tank directly. Now instead we're punished for ever healing the tank directly, if we do so efficiently.

I think, overall, they need to get all their people on the same stupid page and come up with a goal. It seems they want to force us to try our best to be efficient, yet then they give us talents that seem to try to get us to be inefficient. We can't use our free heals at any reasonable rate (especially with them nerfed to lower healing) unless we play inefficiently, but we can't be good healers making smart choices unless we completely ignore that and try to conserve our mana. So which is it Blizzard? Are we conserving our mana and trying to be smart about it? or blazing through the mana to try to burst heal when we need it?

I currently have 70k mana. If I desperately need that Word of Glory or Light of Dawn, and I have no holy power, the fastest way to get it is to cast holy shock, and then two flashes of light. That's around 12,000 mana down the drain, just so I can get an AoE heal or a big heal out. I could also just use Divine Radiance to AoE heal, or use Divine Light, and be more efficient mana wise and probably do a better job of healing.

It seems they have several clashing philosophies here, and we're caught in the middle of them all having to try to juggle all of this crap in the air.
I really don't think its a big deal now. Just play the class the way bliz created it. They finally made wow fun again where people actually need to know how to play there class I for one look forward to the challenge.

Oh and now we are like all the other healing classes that are having trouble healing anything.
Maybe read the tooltip for Seal of Insight before running around screaming like a chicken with his head cut off? 15% base mana back on judgements. I'll take 5% mana pool every 8seconds back vs a healing throughoutput loss anyday.
At least lower the CD on Holy Radiance with the LoD and ToR nerfs.
They should take out ToR then and give us zealotry based on our holy shock giving us HP instead of CS
If they're going to ruin another paladin spec, they should just make Tower of Radiance give all of your healing spells a 40% chance to give you a charge of Holy Power.


**!% YOU
They couldn't have at least fixed GoTAK for Rets while they were screwing around with us? =\
We know what seal of insight does and it isn't really 15% after you factor the cost of the judge. The point is our tree is filling up with counter-intuitive skills that suggest that "as intended" is either inefficient or ineffectual.

Using our abilities effectively and efficiently didn't make people kids or badies, it made them smart. No one abused anything, they adapted to the times. Some skills will always be better than others. Unfortunately, we're ending up with a lot of less than optimal talents in our tree of late.

I agree with the folks saying they should have left the mechanic alone and tweaked spell output. I predict that crit, haste, and mastery are becoming trivial stats for the paladin, as in a month we'll be stacking as much intelligence and spirit as we can put together, until blizzard notices, cries not as intended, and nerfs that.

Obvious fix is to nerf LoD, give it a cooldown like CoH, and make it so the healing doesn't effect the tank. I agree Paladins were slightly ahead of the other healers, but, Healing is already very stressful in Cata, making it less fun is not the answer.

On a side note, in the past 3 days healing queues went from 10 minutes to instant. There's a trend going on Blizzard, you'll figure it out sooner or later.

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