Nerf Confirmed

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... wow... just wow...


Light of Dawn is far from "the best" heal. Tough to keep people grouped up enough to use it viably. Think in 5 mans im happy if i can hit 2 people with it...
INC QQ from paladins that thought they were good.

Sadly its the pallys who can take more than one hit that keep you alive and gold in your pocket.
healing is the least rewarding thing to do in the game, and you get trashed on the most (lets face it, most people blame healers before tanks) , so what's the point of making it less fun now...?
Now that Paladins feel Disc Priest's pain, what class are you going to reroll?
I believe their intention was to nerf the ability to gain holy power so quickly by healing the beacon target and use LoD. Through that nerf it also messed up WoG. They should make LoD use mana again/ reduce the healing/ put a cd on it once again the way it was before so there isn't any abuse like there was before the hotfix. By doing that, being able to use WoG wont be messed up due to the nerfs on ToR. Thats just what I have been thinking.
It's apparent after looking at the new T11 armor that 3 year olds are in charge of the art department for blizzard so now its safe to see that timmay from south park is in charge of figuring out raids and healing for blizzard also

You, sir, are forbidden from critiquing anything related to artwork ever again. The rendered armor doesn't do the concept art justice. It is amazing and their standards for artists are just as high as they are for their programmers. Being a Blizzard artist is a dream job among artists. The style the game is rendered in makes almost everything look a bit silly, but I assure you: the concept art is badass.

Respect creatives. Our creativity spans over into revenge as well.

</end artist rant>

Also, I forget to judge quite often. I still come out with a lot more mana than other healers. This is also why I forget to judge. Nerfing mana returns from insight wouldn't have resolved this so-called issue.
Huh, if that's all it took to play holy well then maybe this nerf is a good thing. That sounds awfully boring just spamming Holy Light/LoD all day.
well this is just lame. I can't understand how they could come to do this already. well now that the class i've healed with since BC is pretty much screwed i guess its time to play an alt.
Hey paladins, welcome to the crappy world that is healing right now. Begging and scrapping for mana is really not fun, but at least we're all here together now.

TBH though, you guys still don't really have it so bad.

I currently have 70k mana. If I desperately need that Word of Glory or Light of Dawn, and I have no holy power, the fastest way to get it is to cast holy shock, and then two flashes of light. That's around 12,000 mana down the drain, just so I can get an AoE heal or a big heal out. I could also just use Divine Radiance to AoE heal, or use Divine Light, and be more efficient mana wise and probably do a better job of healing.

That's really not so bad. As a holy priest I spend 12k mana on 2 flashes of light by themselves and for my investment I get a 10% reduction in the mana cost for my next big heal or AOE heal. 12k for 2 flashes, an instant, and a FREE big heal or AOE heal? Man I wish!

So while you're feeling so sorry for yourself, just think it could be worse - you could have hated the terrible holy power generation mechanic so bad that you decided to play your priest in cataclysm instead of your paladin.... =/
i didn't see any info about this anywhere and put a ticket in thinking it was bugged.

well, i guess i should go cancel my ticket now.
Fine. It was way too efficient.

But now you can remove the 50% mortal strike on our 15% mana return...
Dear Holy Paladins,

Welcome to Cata Healing, like the rest of us.

Signed, Priests, Druids and Shamans.
Oh paladin tears. Gimmie moar!

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