Tower of Radiance and LoD

Nice one Blizz!

So I go to check out mmo-champion to see the new hotfixes.

Ofcourse Paladins aren't listed...

Did everyone see the other classes?

Nice one Blizz! Unmentioned hotfix to light of dawn and tower of radiance.

You know those nerf guns? The Slogan... Nerf or nothin'?

Same thing with Paladins.

Nerfs are one thing.... hiding them or not telling us is another :)
Why would you complain about a stealth nerf and not tell us what it is? Come on man, don't hold out on me, stuck at work until 8. :(

P.S. Did you use to play on Greymane?

EDIT: Never mind I found out what it is. Damn, I really liked that about LoD.
tower of radiance doesnt give holy power when i holy light the tank

so theres 3 talent points i can spend elsewhere

Light of dawn heals for 5.5k with 3 holy power. what a 51 point joke talent

theres 1 talent point there

4 talent points to put elsewhere

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