Paladin PvP: Ret or Prot

What spec do yall believe is better in pvp now. Both in battlegrounds and arenas. Also i plan to run arenas with a arms warrior and a disc priest(i know priests suck you dont have to tell me). So what would be the best spec for that.

ps: dont suggest holy cuz i hate healing

Retribution is currently -- and surprisingly -- one of the worst PvP specs right now.
Your running a pretty defensive team so prot is the way to go, also ret is not a bad pvp spec its just not deal for 1v1 but in a team they are pretty havoc
I would go prot, I seen the way ret is now, its just poping CD's and blasting around 40k dmg in like 2 seconds, but then what happens after that? Your going to get silenced and then since your on cd with your wings/zea/inc, your going to be deffensless with hardley any mana at all, your going to want to heal so then you throw a couple flash of lights which leaves you oom and basicly all you have left is a bubble and lay on hands, and with the insane cd's your pretty much going to be countered without mana to heal, and no holy power to pretty much do anything. ret became to dependent on Holy power. prot is the way to go bro

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