Prot Paladin Gemming

What would the best gemming would be for a prot paladin now? at the moment im just messing around with stam, thinking about trying some dodge.
The general idea I know right now is:

Stam in Blue sockets
Mastery/Stam in yellow sockets
Parry or Expertise/Stam in Red sockets

Socket bonuses also effect.
I'm finding threat isn't a problem at all. Start bosses with Divine Plea + Inq + Avenger for Holy Shield and a good while of high threat.

It depends on the socket bonus imo.

Parry and Dodge should be kept about even and Mastery should be prioritized as well. Stamina seems to be a lot less important than in WotLK but still fairly important.

I'd go with Sta>Mastery (that will set you up 1 whole mastery point or close enough to where new gear will get you there) > parry = dodge > hit > expertise

I don't think hit and expertise shouldn't be our priorities until real raids perhaps ----mitigation is quite important right now.
taken from

your expertise is 9. your hit is 2.87%. your evasion % is 55% (cap is 102%)

according to that guide your #1 priority should be gettign the prime glyph for seal of truth for +10 expertise. then get 7 more expertise from gear (for the minimum 26). after that work your hit as much as possible until you're comfortable with the % (should be 4-6% at least). at that point increase your evasion would make sense, but mastery is generally seen as better than dodge.

In your case especially, your dodge is at 14.65% and your parry is 10.72% which means that you should be picking parry over dodge in order to maximize your gain. But I wouldn't worry about that until your exp/hit is acceptable.

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