Will you give us free respecs?

I'm surprised you guys still haven't realized that ninja nerfing things without documenting it pisses people off. At least, for a bit of compensation, will you give us free respec so we can spec out of the now-useless talent?
Which talent is that? (What did i miss today...)
it seems like you missed some shenanigans :p

they made it so some heal spell doesn't make holy power and they lowered the aoe heal by 900 or something per tick.

everyone's like 'I have to use holy shock again? I'm quitting' or something.
66g what a tradedgy.

AND REALLY? you did not expect a obvious nerf when other healers were struggling, what you expected to be the special snowflake class?

And most of you wonder why your a unpopular class in terms of the community.

If "you're" going to be an ass bub, atleast learn to spell you twat.

There's a fire waiting for you, go jump in.
It isnt a "now useless talent" stop being garbage at this game and quit crying over a minor nerf retards.
This is cataclysm and you need blizzard to give you 50g for a respec? What the hell have you been doing for 6 years?
It's definitely not worth 3 talent points to me.

It still gives holy power when you use divine light or flash of light, both are abilities that you have to use in a raid on the tank if you dont want to wipe.
those bastards

hotfix nerfing a clearly unintended exploit of the class mechanics that was causing paladins to vastly outperform.

they ought to be ashamed. . .
It's a good nerf, but three points is now way too much. Make it two points and pump up Infusion of Light or something.
it's a hot fix wait for a patch

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