Ret Pali Help

I been looking for help i hit 85 and i have all the mats and gems and enchants to make me good but whats needed priority wise. Whats our Hit Cap -Exp Cap- and all that crap pretty much what im asking is whats our main stuff is it Hit-Exp-Haste-Crit or what? Also best enchants for weapon thats needed. also i was told that prot spec with ret gear and shield weapon is better DPS then a ret pali is that so? Also any good rotation plus spec be good as well. Sorry Im a noob but eh...theres one born every minute.
Added my char incase you wanna see the fail
2h>1h + shield.

Str > 961 (8%) hit (for raids, 6% only for heroics)> 26 Expertise > haste > crit > mastery > int

Best weapon enchant is Landslide, but it costs epic mats. Hurricane and Avalanche are two good ones but I'd get Hurricane over Ava.

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