How is pvp healing?

So guys with seeing and hearing how little our heals will scale as level and gear go while the dmg and health pools sky rocket. I was wondering if any of you 85 holy pally's wouldn't mind letting us know what to expect at the cap. I like the new system of healing for pvp, but i'm afraid it will be extremely ineffective at 85 with all the interrupts and CC going around and our only good heal is a 2.5 second cast and if we use the others we are OOM in no time flat.

I'm still gonna stick it out and see it for myself, but I was just wanting to know if anyone could give some of us lower level holy pally's some news.
So far I'm fairly discouraged by the level 85 PVP as a holy paladin. Our damage is too low to effectively kill or assist with kills, and our healing is too low to effectively out-heal most enemy DPS.

Most DPS classes can shut us down and kill us solo, and we're largely helpless to either fight back or defend ourselves.

All in all, I think it would be wise to reroll a better class.
In world PvP and Battlegrounds, it seems that the best thing to do is live long enough to either do damage or heal. Prot seems to excel at living long enough to do *something*. This is mostly due to the fact that attacking a Prot Paladin makes him more effective, and there are squishy targets behind you that look more appealing to most PvPers.

But that is world PvP, where there are easily 5-10 people killing one person at once. I'd gather it will be different in arenas, and possibly an organized form of BGs (Rated BGs).

For max funzies: Prot for Battlegrounds and World PvP. Try Holy for organized PvP (Arena teams and Rated BG teams) and see if it's better. It may not be, but that remains to be seen.
lol well in Rated Bg's and arena's it's gonna be extremely hard to heal because in these settings the other team will be coordinating with each other to go after the healer first. We are the primary target. Now the problem with this is that the dmg is so crazily scaled while our heals suck and take way too long. I mean is this a problem later or do we get good enough gear for our heals to actually matter, or is it better to just roll a dps and go with a 3dps arena team and try to just burst stuff down in Rated BG's
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Haven't played around to much but it's fun. Arenas are still the same basically, more mana preservation, it's actually more balanced because you'll see priests actually go out of mana now, same with druids, paladins, all classes basically.

Battlegrounds are battlegrounds, I can survive 3 DPS on me at a time but I don't have enough damage to kill anything except if I'm assisting.

tl;dr run with premade groups and just heal.

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