Fixing the ret pally

First off I would like to explain that these changes are coming from a lvl 68 ret pally. I don't know what its like at 85, and I'm no theorycrafter. These are just some changes that I feel will make the ret paladin more enjoyable to play.

First off, I was thinking that when paladins earn 3 holy power, then spells that use holy power will light up. I don't know how helpfull this will be, but its a nice reminder that you can use a spell. Its also one less thing you have to look at when playing ret :)

I was also thinking that Blizz should buff DS and take it off the cooldown with CS. Give it a 10 sec cooldown and we now have another button to press at the start of a fight. Also, because DS heals you, you won't need to worry about using WoG as much in PvP.

Make CS a 3 sec cooldown and have Jugments and DS grant HP. Also get rid of the 100% damage buff on exo.

Lastly make Holy Wrath use HP so it can boost our AoE, kind of like the old DS.

Feel free to post any comments or your own ideas on how to fix ret.

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