My friends coming back, should he rock holy?

Hey all,

My best friend of 20 years is coming back to the game. He's leveled his mage to 85 and isn't loving it. He's curious to go back to his last main which was a holy pally. He really liked healing on his pally and did progression raiding in that role but gave up towards the end of normal mode ICC. He's asking me how different Holy Pally's are now versus ICC. He's looked around and can't find a condensed summary of how different they are now.

Is there anything I could tell him or anything I can point him at? Are those that were healing in ICC still loving healing on their Pally?

I just started healing at level 65 after playing prot: I have to say, its interesting. as a tank I was just 'lol aoex100000000' but with healing you have to judge damage coming in, know which heals to use etc..

btw, what is this ICC thing you're talking about? it sounds pretty low level.
So you have like 7 heal spells now?

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