Servers down...again.

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Third day now in a month's subscription I haven't been able to play because the servers are down. Are we going to be seeing any game time added to our accounts because of this?
The realm status list is showing all realms in green. What error message are you getting?
I didn't get any, it just hung up on the screen right before you get to the character screen. Suppose it could have been a temporary outage since I got in after a couple mins of trying.
Nope, they're definitely having problems, just tried to port to ashran from my garrison and the instance could not be found.
Down for me as well. I can't even connect to at the moment.
A few minutes ago, I was able to connect to, but WoW was unable to
contact the login servers, and gave an Error #2....

So far, It's going on about 30 minutes since I was last able to connect

UPDATE: Pretty much as soon as I posted, I tried again, and was able to connect.
Just wasted my damn garrison hearth because the instance server was down. Really making me not want to renew my subscription in 12 days.
I cannot get in, leeps saying world server down
I've been trying to install WoW on my new machine, but it can't connect to I tried to put my firewall down because I know WoW has issues with firewalls but that's not working either

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