Rate that transmog!

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Too much negativity in Warrior forums these days, lets see how badass you look

Rate the one above you 0-10
7/10. Very well done fire theme, but I'm not a fan of that look, especially on Humans. Go Dark Iron Dwarf and you get an 8.

Mine is still in progress, and please ignore the gloves.
2 months from now every warrior will be wearing black rock plate and dual wielding the black hand end of story.
not too bad 6/10
Character looks good 7/10
I win
the paladin wins.
Since I was skipped like a bloody stone, 8/10. I like that set, but the tabard, sword, and shield kind of wreck it. Lose the tabard and get some different weapons, and it would be great.
8/10 something seems a bit off maybe the sword
Might be, I just got sick of seeing 5 feet of sword sticking straight out in the most unrealistic manner imaginable.

Skip me.
Personally, I'm a fan of the FL25H PLD-Look alike armor. On a warrior, it's by war one of the most badass armies. Can't wait to get full set on my undead war
@ Kate
9/10, belt isn't doing it for me :( Hopefully you find a match.
5/10 because of old textures/models, 10/10 because it's brutal
10/10 i myself use staves too for my swords lol
5/10, that set is too overused
Nice overall look, matched the blood elf race perfectly 8/10
Blackrock gear looks very fitting on an orc of course, 8/10.
You could do better with another weapon for my taste, otherwise smexy stuff! 8/10

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