War protection tanking in CM

Hello guys, help me.. i just dont know how to tank CM dg's as Protection warrior! even if the fight occours perfectly and i use all my cd's with a good rotation, the healer still can't handle me.. i saw my friend doing UBRS once with a monk tank and it was really easy and fine. even if him made some mistakes, i dont know what to do!
Any recommendation? addon? miracle? idk! i appreciate all the tips possible
until blizzard figures out a way to make us better in small groups we will be bad at cm.
Im able to do the cms but i get completely crushed as well the entire time some fights are more forgiving but all u can do is maintain you active mid as much as possible not take extra damage and use cds smart
theres like an hour and a half between shield blcok cds so make sure to barrier and fill it with a cd if u have to
armor pots help as well
You're level 91 I don't believe there are any challenge modes available for level 91 in WoD so that's your first problem.
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You're level 91 I don't believe there are any challenge modes available for level 91 in WoD so that's your first problem.


you could... you know... try looking at their armory.
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Your tip about armor pot's worked as well already, thank you :)
Even if it took more than 1 hour to complete haha
Try running Gladiator's Resolve for CM's. While ravager is a really good CD, it's also a CD. Glad stance is passively 5% reduction on every pull whereas Ravager is a CD. Especially if you're chain pulling, Glad stance is the way to go. I've also noticed you're glyphing SWall. Don't do that. You use it mainly on trash anyway since trash makes up 90% of CM's it's more useful for it not to have a year long CD. Also, Dragon Roar is just a no. Shockwave > Dragon Roar. The 4 second stun on a 20 second CD gives your healer time to catch up on healing and since hello? Warriors? Just time a Shield Block for when the stun is coming off so you don't get anally gaped due to it resetting swing timers or follow it up with another stun, leg sweep, shadowfury, Binding shot, etc.

Some minor tips.
You should use an armor cloak just because something is higher ilvl doesn't means its better bonus armor is an absurd amount better then our other stats currently.
Glad stance is the way to go.

Some minor tips.

Here's another tip. Don't tank in glad stance.

Take Gladiator's Resolve and tank in Defensive stance.
I've tanked uh Grimrail Depot on CM as a warrior protection, Sure it was hard, but after a few attempts we did it... Actually the first and the last boss we did it right in the first attempt, the only really difficult one was the second... tbh not that difficult when you know the mechanics properly.

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