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We’ve been going through a lot of player feedback and concerns regarding changes to Dungeons and the Dungeon queuing system. In response to this feedback, we’re making a number of changes and wanted to give everyone a heads up on the changes that we’re working on to address these concerns.

Reverting Default Loot Method to Need/Greed:
Going into Warlords, we wanted to try to improve the dungeon loot experience by using Raid Finder’s personal loot system that had been successful in Mists. While the personal loot system was successful in eliminating drops that weren’t usable by anyone in the group, and reducing loot contention in some cases, we’ve also heard a significant amount of player feedback about how the system feels unrewarding and unsatisfying.

In response to these concerns, we are reverting the default loot method in Dungeon Finder back to Need Before Greed. As always, players who queue with a full premade group may change group loot settings, and may use Personal loot or any other method if they so prefer. We will be evaluating how to better present and structure dungeon personal loot, and hope to re-introduce the system in the future.

We’re adding an award of 50 Garrison Resources for completing the first Random Warlords of Draenor Heroic Dungeon of the day.
This change is self-explanatory. Yay for more resources!

Adding Call to Arms for In-Demand Dungeon Roles:
The Call to Arms system for roles that are in-demand was not functioning properly for the max-level Warlords dungeon queue and we have a hotfix in the works to address this. In addition, the Satchel of Savage Mysteries will be updated to always contain an Augment Rune, which is a tradeable item that provides a consumable buff that is ordinarily only available through Raid Finder.

Hotfix for being unable to queue from Ashran Cities:
We recently implemented a hotfix that prevents players from queuing for dungeons or Raid Finder while actively engaged in PvP; to prevent players from circumventing item level requirements by using scaling PvP gear. However, this logic was mistakenly counting Stormshield and Warspear as active PvP areas and preventing queuing from there. That is being corrected (the hotfix will require realm restarts).

Keep in mind that these hotfixes and changes are still being tested, and are not live yet. As always, your continued feedback is welcomed and please let us know how these changes play out.


Thanks for all the feedback on these changes. As a team, we do prefer personal loot as a solution for Dungeon Finder groups, which is why we modified and extended the system we’ve had in place for Raid Finder. We heard from sources both within our team and the community that the experience of defeating a boss and no ceremony beyond three gold on its corpse, or the possibility of finishing an entire dungeon without seeing any items, felt flat and even a bit broken. Based on those concerns, we decided to roll back a system that had been in place for a week to a system that had been in use for years, while we continued to polish and refine the personal loot system to deliver an optimal experience to players. However, we underestimated the impact and positive elements of personal loot, in terms of reducing contention and drama in random match made groups.

We now have a hotfix in the works that will do two things:

  • The default loot system for Dungeon Finder groups will once again be Personal, instead of Need Before Greed. Full premade groups that prefer the latter system will be able to select it manually, as always.
  • We're increasing loot yield from the final boss of each dungeon.
    • With Personal loot active, each player in a group will now always receive an item from the final boss.
    • With Need Before Greed active, the boss will now drop 3 items to be shared among the group as desired, up from 2 previously.
  • 1st :)
    11/20/2014 03:09 PMPosted by Mesuno
    1st :)

    This is step backwards, Blizzard. :(

    edit: regarding dungeon loot

    I enjoyed not having to fiddle with the loot roll window every 10 seconds and the dungeons runs free from loot drama.
    Better late than never with the dungeon looting changes, there were many a times where people would just run dungeons for hours and maybe get a drop or two.

    EDIT: They are NOT removing the option of Personal Looting in dungeons, it will just not be the DEFAULT option. You can still use the Personal Loot option if the Group Leader switches before the bosses. I agree with this change because for people chaining heroic dungeons, there are times where you can do 3-4 dungeons in a row and not get a single drop.
    Good stuff on getting rid of Personal loot.
    Sooo we are going back to one loot per boss? Sometimes you'd have a whole group be able to get gear off a single boss. Feels like were going in backwards direction here...
    YAY Garrison resources! Yay Group loot! Yay call to arms!
    Personally, I like Personal loot. But I think it should have been say, 20% chance to get loot +(80/(#ofboss-1))% per boss that doesn't drop loot. So you can get one item per run at least. With the amount of RNG on items (Warforged AND Teriary stats) people will still continue running heroics.

    Example Grimrail Depot. 1st boss has a base chance of 20% to get loot. 2nd Boss 60%. 3rd, if you still didn't get loot, 100%. If you get loot it rolls back down to 20% base.
    11/20/2014 03:06 PMPosted by Rygarius
    Reverting Default Loot Method to Need/Greed

    I do hope you're also fixing people needing on things that are not appropriate to their role what so ever? Dps taking spirit or bonus armor items, etc.

    Personally I think this is a HUGE mistake to revert personal loot. Because what's less rewarding, is losing an item you need to someone who doesn't.

    Or, items dropping NO ONE in your group can use...

    I personally feel, personal loot was the right direction, and fixing system is just doing some tweaks to personal loot, not reverting to the broken system it was meant to replace in first place.

    1. Bad RNG protection. The least favoring feedback of personal loot is the guy who did 30 bosses and got 1 useful item.
    2. Better UI feedback. Instead of looting gold quietly, give a nice popup for that too, to give the effect of greater reward.
    3. Maybe some bonus non gear items from time to time to go with the gold to give it more flavor so looting no item for 3-4 bosses in a row isn't as boring.
    11/20/2014 03:06 PMPosted by Rygarius
    Reverting Default Loot Method to Need/Greed:

    This is horrible, the personal loot system was fine. You never had to worry about the loot itself. You'd just get it as you did the dungeon. Now we're going to have the same bad system with people just needing on any piece of loot they want.
    11/20/2014 03:14 PMPosted by Aeriwen
    This is step backwards, Blizzard. :(

    edit: regarding dungeon loot

    Pretty much the opposite opinion of every heroic group I've been in.
    Thanks! Though for pugs I prefer personal loot. Ever since the 4.3 dungeons I've had way too many issues w/ people using 'need' for vendor/shard prices.
    Seriously? Personal loot was awesome for those of us who don't feel like spending every second of the next two weeks running dungeons.
    All sounds good. The loot system wasn't a problem IMO but if this makes people feel more comfortable about not getting anything out of a dungeon (it's still going to happen sometimes) then sure.

    Nice to hear the first dungeon bonus is coming back. 50 garrison resources sounds like a nice little bonus.
    I really don't like the idea of bringing back the need before greed system, too many scumbags out there that just hit need no matter what pops up.
    I was rather enjoying the personal loot system, personally. It's a shame that you've all decided to revert for the time being. I can understand why some people would get miffed about not getting/seeing any loot drop for multiple bosses, but it was neat not have to roll-fight someone for an item. In many cases, you'd actually get see multiple people receive loot simultaneously.

    In other news: Woo more garrison resources!
    I like garrison resources. But no personal loot in randoms? I dislike that idea. I enjoyed getting a chance at loot than getting loot that someone could roll over me for.

    Edit: So, obviously. Out of.. what, 40 pages? Or will be 40 soon from posting this, you have maybe, MAYBE, 30 people that wanted NBG coming back. The rest? We loved it. Mirroring a few of the later posts, but, who were you even listening to in the first place? Old players? Ninjas? Personal loot for premades is stupid, for randoms, it was the best thing since sliced bread. Come on, now. Don't be like that, not when I was starting to like WoW again.

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