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WTF Blizz, I like the loot system in RDF... ugh..
This is a terrible idea Blizz. Need before greed is a lot of what's wrong with this game. What I feel is 'unrewarding and unsatisfying' is FINALLY seeing that piece of gear I need drop, only to have it won by a caster DPS.

Bad move. Please don't.
Please keep dungeons as personal loot. It's a much better system.

People have talked a lot about its various benefits but I'd like to add one: I love how personal loot makes it so my item dropping doesn't come at the expense of my friends' items not dropping.

The drop rates seem, from what I've recorded, slightly higher than group loot and you get fewer wasted drops. My only complaint is having to loot the boss individually!
Please reconsider the dungeon loot thing. I find it satisfying when strength users take agi gear, or the tank takes caster gear. Seriously, why change this back to the incredibly corrupted system before? I beg of you, reconsider this change.
Terrible idea. Personal loot eliminated all the loot drama associated with offspecs and offensive social behaviors found within the random group finder. Additionally, players will still have dry patches where they see no useful gear dropping or don't win any rolls. Why the regression? Irritating.
Really unhappy with this change. Personal loot was a god send in lfg.
I, for one, welcome our new intellect armor hunter overlords.
This is a poor decision for the random group finder. People will abuse the need before greed system, they always have, and always will. needing on items that they don't need just to disenchant it, or just to vendor it, or hell just to grief another player out of pure nastiness. There, I've put in my 2 cents, I don't think you'll listen to me but, I don't believe this is the right move for the game's random group finder. people will get more mad at eachother and more drama will ensue among players. Maybe you can make it a vote system for the random group to decide if they want it to be Need before greed or Personal beforehand or prior to fights. However I think that would get abused too with people in groups together prior to the start of the dungeon (guildies that cant make up an entire LFG but still make up the majority of the players in the group). Okay, I'm done rambling but, seriously, keep it the way it is.

Thanks for listening.
Bad change, very disappointed.
just finished my first dungeon since the change. first time i havent gotten a piece of gear. GG
I just lost a tanking ring to a Ret Paladin. See why this was bad? Please return the default to Personal Loot.
I'm a huge fan of personal loot. When someone else wins loot you can congratulate them and feel happy for them. With need/greed, the sentiment turns negative because someone else getting loot means you didn't.
I have a story to tell. About an hour ago, I was in a random dungeon group with two guildies. We had a druid healer that insisted on rushing and pulling whatever his little heart desired, which resulted in many wipes. His buddy refused to kick him, so we were stuck with this guy who had a bad attitude. No gear I could use dropped until the last boss, and the druid rolled on it, even though he had something better equipped. He then insulted us and left.

This is why personal loot was a good system. I feel like I saw more upgrades with that system, and when things DID drop, I knew I had some gear for sure. Now, I dread when something drops that someone else can use because who knows, maybe they just want to be a jerk for absolutely no reason.

At the moment, I'm very frustrated because for the past couple days I've been one item level away from heroic difficulty dungeons, and then I get stuck with this guy taking what would've pushed me past that point. Please, please don't do away with personal loot. It was very much needed, and judging by the previous responses to this post, is now sorely missed.
Reverting away from personal loot is the worst thing you could possibly do. With your changes to how stats work and making gear relevant toore specs and classes a single drop can be used by a DPS, tank or healer. Now if you group me (tank). With a pally healer and 2 plate DPS thats 4 people in 1 run that all want the same item, and that's assuming plate even drops. If you make this change I'll stop running dungeons I'm geared enough now for next tier I just run for fun and the chance at wf/gem/tertiaries. If you move away from personal I'm simply not going to bother anymore

Although I can see the view of people who feel the lack of reward when nothing pops up on thier screen as I feel that way as well, but it's not the personal loot system that's the issue its presentation. You need to make us feel like we are making progress even if we don't get an item, and 3 gold doesn't do that, Maybe garenteed loot from a boss? If you don't get a "drop". You get a random green and 10g garenteed. Also have the gold and the item pop up on the screen like you do when you get achievements/complete quests that random ipgrade
I cant imagine how personal loot feels unrewarding and unsatisfying, this change doesn't make much sense to me it just slows the gearing process and adds more of a grind to getting entry level gear. I doubt there's any stopping this change now but I just wanted to echo the sentiment that it's unwanted.
I agree, we just did a random took a hour to get into it for my DPS class an only Leather dropped no leather users in the dungeon. This wastes players time to even bother doing dungeons.
Personally I like the Personal Loot system. I just wish the drop rate was increased. Going back to Need before greed is only useful to groups that are feeding 1-2 people gear.
11/20/2014 04:53 PMPosted by Zyb
Really unhappy with this change. Personal loot was a god send in lfg.

I agree, this change is pretty upsetting.
I really don't like that we're going back to Group Loot. If the problem with personal loot was that it didn't feel so rewarding, perhaps make it more rewarding.

People are finding it less rewarding because they aren't getting loot as often, at least that's what I as a player would find dissappinting if I was trying to gear up.

Perhaps increasing the drop chance of loot minimally would be the proper first step in remedying this unrewarding feeling. I would suggest trying this first before going back to the old system entirely.
Really? Why make it so only pre-made groups can have personal loot. shouldn't it be the other way around? People crying over not getting loot for 1-2 bosses? really? Better that then not getting anything for the whole instance!!!

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