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This means that people will roll need on an item that has slightly different secondary stats that *may* be better after they do some research. Then they will find out it really wasn't and they vendor it even if it is a clear upgrade for someone else. Love to see the drama of trying to beg and convince someone that doesn't even know you and will never see you again to be a 'nice guy'.
11/20/2014 03:15 PMPosted by Pluripotent
EDIT: They are NOT removing the option of Personal Looting in dungeons, it will just not be the DEFAULT option. You can still use the Personal Loot option if the Group Leader switches before the bosses. I agree with this change because for people chaining heroic dungeons, there are times where you can do 3-4 dungeons in a row and not get a single drop.

Bubble burster, pugs cant change loot method, only pre made groups. Majority of dungeon queuing are not 5/5 pre mades.

So far, the revert is proving MUCH more rewarding. Here is how
1. DK took an agi neck from a rogue
2. Dps took a tank trinket from a tank.
3. Dem shards for gear no one wants or needs, because shards are VERY rare.
4. That 3 min wait for someone who decided to go afk during loot rolls.
5. That person winning that loot after hitting need at 2:58 because they thought it was more important for them to vendor/shard it than for you to replace your green.
Seriously though, if they're gonna screw people over like this, buff the entry-level PvP gear to ilvl 630 because I get the feeling outside of Apexis and Garrison Missions, people aren't going to see gear upgrades very often. Personal Loot not only made the current loot tables feasible, but it worked with the warforged/socket/tertiary stat system. I kept running heroics for upgrades even after I filled every armor slot hoping for warforged, better stats, or even sockets. Now I just don't even want to bother running heroics anymore.

Oh well, Smash on the Wii U comes out tomorrow, I'll play that until Dec 2nd when getting gear is easier again because raids with Personal Loot :P
Changing the loot back to need/greed is a big step backwards. Please re-consider this change.
11/20/2014 05:30 PMPosted by Huntinfools
11/20/2014 05:29 PMPosted by Clova
No, people hate JERKS in an MMO. This just re-enables jerkism on a much grander scale as now anyone from an armor class can roll on every piece of that armor type because armor isnt spec specific anymore.

I guess at least it's still restricted to cloth, leather, mail, plate =/

I ook foreward to full 636 rogues being able to roll on my bracers (assuming it isnt triple rolled) for the lolz.
I never post in forums, but you have brought me here.

This is terrible, bring back personal loot!

It solved all the whining and griefing! now those people put their whining efforts onto Bliz customer service and Bliz folds...

What gives?

You had solved the problem and left it changeable for guild/group runs. it was perfect.

If group loot is so terrible, they should just increase the drop rate on personal loot so people like me don't go twelve dungeons in a row without seeing a single upgrade.

Not even joking. Twelve dungeons, zero loot.

Dude! If you get a chance, please have a look at the mmo-champion.com front page. They currently have a poll up on preferred loot systems for 5-mans.

The majority of us want to keep Personal Loot.
I liked personal loot.

I don't know who these people are who asked to go back, but I do know who will be glad to show you that this reversion is a bad idea in-game.
So, any plans to do something about the fact bosses have 40 to 60 item loot tables? You've already admitted one mistake with personal loot, time to admit the other mistake.
Bring back personal loot, the old system is rubbish. ( Just put some additional bad luck protection in and its golden, by that I mean like +10% drop rate for every empty boss).
11/20/2014 03:06 PMPosted by Rygarius
We’ve been going through a lot of player feedback and concerns regarding changes to Dungeons and the Dungeon queuing system. In response to this feedback, we’re making a number of changes and wanted to give everyone a heads up on the changes that we’re working on to address these concerns.

Reverting Default Loot Method to Need/Greed:
Going into Warlords, we wanted to try to improve the dungeon loot experience by using Raid Finder’s personal loot system that had been successful in Mists. While the personal loot system was successful in eliminating drops that weren’t usable by anyone in the group, and reducing loot contention in some cases, we’ve also heard a significant amount of player feedback about how the system feels unrewarding and unsatisfying.

sounds to me like a case of listening to a vocal minority, those happy with the personal loot system haven't had a reason to speak up, because they have been content with how it was working (myself included), hopefully blizzard looks at the replies to this post and finds that, in actuality, it would be a mistake to switch the LFG tool to default to Nb4G again

the system has felt plenty rewarding to me, I just cannot derive my satisfaction from a pop up about loot, that's fine, If i look at the chat window, every time I've killed a boss, someone in the group has gotten something, and perhaps I'm just lucky, but it's been me fairly often.
I noticed they are allowing Personal Loot option only for Pre-Made groups. This seems to be a punishment to Casual players or players that dont run full groups. At this point though until the Personal loot is given back to the Looking For Group randoms I wont be running them anymore. Im not in to play for 3-5 runs in a dungeon to get no loot what-so-ever and put up with everyone rolling need on items they dont really need.

Not to mention my friends have a vast level difference some at 100 some just starting WOD at 90 so there is no way to run a group together for a random dungeon with the level restrictions in play.
Personal loot is the best. Not having to fight people who don't know what is and isn't the right gear for their toon, or who just want something because it looks pretty, or because they "need" the vendor value of it made running instances much more laid back. Now we're back to being held hostage to yet another form of toxic behavior that is almost always without consequences.

Edit: I'd like to point out a poll on mmo-champion where personal loot is winning out overwhelmingly:

First off I want to say thanks for the garrison resources being added and thanks for fixing call to arms.

Now with that said, since you have reverted back to Need Before Greed, in just my first dungeon, directly due to this change this has already resulted in childish toxic actions due to loot. Loot is back to being potential drama, please revert back to a less stress inducing system. Not only that this means most bosses are back to one piece of loot which feels like it a chose to purely extend the life span of the heroic dungeon content, not to forget that it also mean we are, likely, back to the possibility of gear no one can use dropping, I would rather see nothing over drop over things that cant be used, but that is a personal preference.

Please go back to what clearly reduced the drama in this game, and stop doing things that feel like you are are trying to extend the life span of content via loot systems, be that was intended here or not.
I liked personal loot a lot better. Rolling against people when there is so much stat crossover just creates unnecessary tension. I had a hunter telling me I should be giving a bonus armor ring to them because they saw agi on it.
11/20/2014 05:13 PMPosted by Milk
Very disappointed.

Personal Loot solved a lot of issues on previous loot system on LFG:

1. Needing items just to Vendor/DE.
2. Needing items that would be priority to other roles in group.
3. AFKing by the end of a dungeon and then other people need to hang around waiting for the countdown until you can get the loot.
4. Useless loot dropping.

AND THEN a horrible interaction with the gear changes:
4. Now if you have a Prot Warrior, a Frost Death Knight and a Holy Paladin in group, suddenly 3 people needing on the same stuff! Horray!

Again, very disappointed.

Don't forget the joys of running with a bunch of people from the same guild who would all roll need in order to try and funnel the items to their members.

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