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I do not post on the forums. I usually don't complain about changes blizzard makes that are beyond my control. I let them make the game and I enjoy playing the content.

However, I took the time to log in today to say that this hotfix to change the loot system was not wanted and give my "player feedback" in regards to this issue. I feel like we are the majority but were not vocal because we had no qualms with the previous loot system.
Ok, while this maintenance is going on, what do ya say you flip the personal loot switch back on, and we just pretend this never happened. Deal?
The only players I could think that would want need b4 greed are ninjas. People queing as tanks for instant ques and needing on dps gear or healing gear. Look at the poll on mmo-champion, it overwhelmingly says players want personal loot > need b4 greed.
Please reconsider this change and bring back personal loot.
Please keep the personal loot and do not go back to need/greed. Please.
Personal loot is a much better default option for PUGs than need/greed, to avoid loot drama and ninja-ing.

To satisfy those who felt the loot distribution with personal loot lacks that special feeling, maybe have pop-ups similar to achievement pop-ups with the loot; i.e. "Madone received [Ring of Epicness]!", etc.
I liked personal loot. Why reward those who want to Ninja loot. Once again back to queing only with the guild. This will make the wake longer.
11/20/2014 03:14 PMPosted by Aeriwen
This is step backwards, Blizzard. :(

edit: regarding dungeon loot

I enjoyed not having to fiddle with the loot roll window every 10 seconds and the dungeons runs free from loot drama.

I agree completely players are complaining because they aren't getting any loot at all, or to be more accurate that they aren't always seeing the loot drop, there is no difference between this and farming for a piece of gear like we used to, it may not drop you may not get it right away but at least with the personal loot system you don't have to roll against people.
I request and beg you to go back to the personal loot system it worked. It keeps people from needs on dps items that are in a role as tank and healer. It hard enough for dps to get into ques as it is and now that tank and heal could now take dps gear is not good.

Personal Loot was the best thing in a while you have done put it back please.
Can you please put the personal loot system back on......only dumb ninja's like need before greed......
I don't understand the need for the change. I thought the new loot system was great. Why is it that Blizzard keeps completely cowtowing whenever a small minority starts crying, without doing research to see if their complaint is valid or not? Blizzard has the numbers on whether or not people are doing a dozen runs without getting anything...and certainly the algorithm can be tweeked if there is a problem.

Perhaps players can get a persistent stacking buff each time they don't get loot on a boss, increasing their chance of getting loot on the next boss by 1 or 2 %.

There are ways to fix any problem with this system. You don't have to toss the baby out with the bath water every time someone throws a fit on the forums.
How about allowing players to turn on personal loot for themselves before they join the LFG?

Run that for about a month or two and take a look at what your playerbase chooses when they queue up and not how volatile the forums are.
rather than the small amount of 3g on personal loot perhaps you can give apexis crystals... a decent/fair amount or some kind of currency for a piece of heroic gear that you DO NEED say after a set number of no loot drops you will get a token for a piece of something. The gold is just not rewarding enough in a place we go to for loot and gold cannot get you that or will only get you so far especially at that chump change amount.
Please bring back personal loot. You set up gear stats so it would be easier to acquire and apply to a wide variety of classes, this specifically seems catered to the brilliant idea of personal loot made specifically for WoD (which, by the way has been an absolutely fantastic expansion, the only one aside from BC that has actually brought any sort of excitement). When i first joined a dungeon with a few of my friends and we saw that it was personal loot we were all incredibly excited. Sure, you can go entire heroics without a single player getting loot, or just one drop, but realistically, do i want to roll again 3 other players for the one piece of loot I've been running heroics for for the past three days on? No, not really, id rather just run the heroic a number of times and have the chance at getting it myself, no competition, its more fair and less of an issue to have no roll competition, especially with friends.

Revert the catering to the petty, please and thank you.
11/21/2014 05:49 AMPosted by Stârleaves
11/21/2014 05:45 AMPosted by Holywallace

Right becuase with need before greed its not like you will go through a dungeon and not get anything...... your argument is foolish. You will do them and get nothing and see other people getting stuff or ninjaing things from you.. how is that no discouraging?

Because you have a different opinion you think everyone else is making up fake votes and wrong? You are dumb.

I didn't say I'll go through a dungeon and get something for sure now. Learn to read. It's unrewarding is my point. At least with Need Before Greed I'll see SOMETHING drop, even if it's not something for me. Something is always going to drop, and there's a good chance it'll be for my spec. But if it's not, at least it wasn't 3g from a heroic boss.

You're incredibly ignorant, and no, I'm a far cry from dumb. I didn't say because I have a different opinion everyone is making up "fake votes", I'm saying I don't get why people are claiming "the majority" as if the people commenting they don't like it and the people downvoting are different people. They're the same ones. If 400 people commented they don't like it, and 400 people downvoted someone that did, that's not 800 people disliking it. That's the same 400 people whining about the change in anyway they can.

And if you want to sit here and honestly say, "No, that's 800" then you can't be helped.

Im sorry if you cant look at a chat log to see something has dropped. IT SHOWS THE DROPS IN THE LOG. Big baby cant handle not seeing a popup with a pair of dice on it to show you the loot?

With personal each person gets a chance for loot on a boss meaning everyone can potentially win at once, with this ONE person can and then someone might steal it.
Now you can enjoy seeing stuff drop and seeing it needed by people who don't need it. Have fun with that.

I know its hard for you to understand but the majority of people do not share your opinion. Get over it. Your allowed to feel the way you do that's fine but you cannot argue with fact, your arguing your feelings.
Someone should have their Christmas bonus clipped for this decision to put Need/Greed back in. It's beyond stupid and an enormous detriment to the game. It's something that was broken since day one and you finally fixed it and then you broke it again. Way to fail hard, Blizzard. You always manage to impress me with monstrous stupidity after I'm awed by how far you've come.
So blizzard, we want u feedback now???
I have NEVER posted in a thread against blizzards decisions before but for this i will. BRING BACK PERSONAL LOOT!

I really do not like going into a random and need rolling against everyone!

I regrettably know people that need roll on things for fun to piss people off or for dis enchant mats. please make the right decision and if any one give you gripe for going back ill defend y'all to the death.

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