Battle pet missions? At the Menagerie?

Pet Battles
Adding something similar to the follower missions for our companions would be nice.

With hundreds or like me close to a thousand companions its super hard to level them all. I wish there was a way similar to the follower mission that we can send our companions on to gain in levels. Unlike follower missions you'd always send 3 companions at a time, you'd never know who your team will be going against so no picking the right team with the right skills, the rewards could be random. Rewards could be anything related to battle pets including new battle pets. (EXP, Battle Stones, Battle Pet Bandage, pet snack, mini treat, pet biscuit, grooming kit, fetch ball, pet leashes, battle pets, garrison supplies and maybe some new items including companions that are no longer available)
I am all for this. I would love to see it.
I really like this idea. I have a lot of battle pets I would like to level also but not really sure how to do so.
I'm already cringing at the idea of yet another bunch of timelapse quests/upgrades to keep track of..

But my biased opinions aside, I can't see anything like this happening tbh. You never see Pikachu running off and saving the world from team rocket, while Ash sits on his !@# watching TV. It would defeat the principle of being a battle master.

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