PoundFist Report Thread PT 6

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The grind continues.
people claiming to have killed on frostmourne, any evidence?
no clue yet
still looking for any signs of non phased tich kill
WTB Detheroc/Dethecus/Haomarush/Shadowmoon/BlackwingLair spawn, been forever and still no sign.
Man, 12 hours of camping last night and this morning and I miss the Feathermoon/Scarlet Crusade kill by 5 minutes. Any server that still hasn't gotten a kill add me to camping raid?

11hours, no sign yet on Rexxar/Misha
So far still nothing on Magtheridon alliance.
confirmed kill on hyjal
HYJAL - I have no screen shots - don't care if you believe me or not - but he JUST spawned and killed 1032 server time - I have my mount now. Spawned in Gronn Valley 45, 47 roughly.
Sorry guys, I was so excited when he spawned on top of me in the Feathermoon/Scarlet Crusade groups I forgot to take screenshots but he spawned at 48, 56. Everyone was really cool about holding back for a while so most of the people could get there. Grats to everyone, it was well worth it!
Shandris confirm - http://gyazo.com/450dc771a5a883ff4724202c768109a4

Died around 4am
Still nothing on Shadowsong/BoreanTundra :(
Arthas is still hanging on, nearing the 24 hour mark for me soon.
Thunderlord still going strong. Soontm.
tich and kil'jeaden also still waiting

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