Gnomish Gearworks Not Replenishing Items

Bug Report
I have a level 2 gnomish gearworks in my garrison. The only item it ever refreshes is the NUKULAR target painter, which is available all day every day. Some days it will go by without ever having cycled inventions at all. I do not have any copies of inventions in my inventory except for the target painter which--through trial and error--I have found does not matter whether it is in my inventory when logging out each day or not in my inventory, it will still remain the next day. If I let the 1 day duration expire on my target painter I find the same results, that it will still be available the next day.

This appears to me to be a very buggy building and from asking around it does not seem as though I am the only person with the problem. Duplicating the bug seems fairly straight-forward, just create a level 2 gnomish gearworks and it will break itself.
Today, 11/26/2014 as of 10:35 AM CST, my gnomish gearworks has once again not provided me with any item whatsoever. This is getting extremely frustrating as my friends report that theirs works fine, typically providing them with 2 inventions per day while mine only provides me with one on a good day, or none on a bad day.

This is significantly hampering my progress towards the Terrific Technology achievement that I need for my level 3 gnomish gearworks building and upsetting as I have to watch my friends get closer while I get left behind.

Both of the times that the garrison has not provided me with an invention I logged off inside of the garrison instance, perhaps this is where the disconnect is I am not sure. I do not feel that I am the only player experiencing this issue.
So you made sure you have no other items Im sure. I have a similar problem. i get the target painter EVERYDAY, which is cool and all as I like nukes as much as the next guy but I really want to work on the terrific tech achieve too... I imagine there isnt many other people reporting this as the workshop is one of the least popular buildings it seems lol. Even though I LOVE the toys (skyterror ftw). But I do get another invention besides the nuke so my problem isn't as bad, but still slowing down the progress...
I have the same problem. I've gotten a couple other items here and there just to give me a taste of how awesome they can be but for the most part I just get that stupid Nuke. Nothing else spawns until I use the nuke then it spawns again. I wait an hour for the cooldown, use it right outside of my engineer house, walk inside and there it is again!

It's driving me mad I tell you! Mad!
Same issue here, I have not received one in 3 days and I am also level 2
I'm also going on 3 days without an invention from my level 2 gnomish gearworks.
I'm in double digit bug reports on this - I've been filing a bug report every day that I've gotten zero items, or only one item (that blasted Nuke). I'm going on three weeks with a nuke and one other invention. Needless to say, it's not exactly helping my progress. I have NEVER seen the motorcycle thingy spawn, ever.
Same for me as well. It's just the Nuke 2-3 days of the week. Then at least 1 day I don't get anything. The rest of the week I might get one other invention and the Nuke. But the Nuke is always there, if there's anything at all.

Also if you forgot to use up any invention in your pack the from the last time you logged in, you get nothing, and it never refreshes the rest of the day.

Today, the Prototype Motorcycle spawned. All I need is that damned Motorcycle for the Terrific Technology achievement, and it seems to spawn only "sometimes" after I used my 10 charges. It doesn't respawn instantly, I might logout and come back an hour later and it'll be there again. Very annoying.
Having sameissue.
Same issue

Blizz please fix
Having this issue as well. It seemed to be fixed since tuesday but now I'm back to only getting one item again and this item is our beloved Target painter.

Immediately before it started bugging out again I destroyed a few leftover gauntlets and logged out while I was sitting in my gnomish gearworks. next time I logged in I only had one available invention and ever since it's been that way.
Come on Blizz how about some response to let us know wth is going on? This can't be working as intended or if it is it is seriously poor design. I have been able to get every other building to level 3 but this stupid one and I only really care about getting the stupid achievement.

Oh well I guess this will be one thing I can't tick off before my sub runs out for good in 2 weeks. More and more I am finding cancelling to be the best decision I have made in a while.
im having the same issue, its been 2 weeks since i built this and the only thing im getting is the nukular painter. always the same item over and over again.
same issues for me. I upgraded the building to level 2 quite some time ago. most days it only ever has the target painter. every 3 days or so it will also spawn 1 other item. I finally ticked off another part of the achievement last night, but I have yet to ever see the motorcycle prototype spawn (which is the last item I need). this building seems like its lacking so far behind in progression compared to every other I and other people have. everything else has been level 3 for several weeks.

just out of curiosity, does ANYone have a level 3 gearworks building by now?
The building is very annoying for me.
Unfortunately, it might just be bad design, and not a bug.

I believe I get I two items per day, but the NUKULAR target painter shows up basically every day, so there is only one slot left for the other item.
The other items are fully random, not on a rotation, and so some people will have to wait and wait for the item they want to show up.. .and some unlucky few may never see the one they want.

Combined with items that have long timeouts, it makes a very annoying building.

Poor of the Garrison designers, putting in bad design that leads to people to scratching their head and thinking "is this working right or is it bugged?"
I have this problem as well. Used all the gadgets; no new gadgets in three days.
Reporting the same experience with the building.

I only get the NUKULAR item consistently, as well.

My problem is with the chopper and the pneumatic gauntlet spawning at a are supremely rare rate, with the former being almost mythic in occurrence.

Is this how the achievement's shelf life was meant to be safeguarded?

With trickery?
I'm having same issue. 3 days with no new invention.
Have the same issues hopefully they will get fixed!!!
I have even thought of doing another building its so frustrating
Same for me. It was working fine for my hunter but now I have one on my mage too for the achievement and items do not change...

I am wondering though if it is a bug with the Level 2 shop and not Level 1. I haven't checked or tested that....

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