Garrison Invasion Kill Tracker [UPDATED]

UI and Macro
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UPDATE: Version 2.0

IMPORTANT FOR Version 1.4 or higher IMPORT
When importing this version from version 1.3 or lower, you MUST do so on your main character (or the character you currently have kill totals with).

1. Weak Auras 2 - Download here:
2. Garrison Kill Counter - Download here:
3. Ace3 Library - Download here:

Update Instructions
1. Install Garrison Kill Counter addon from Curse Client or using the link above.
2. Import Weak Auras import code (best obtained from my addon's website)
3. Reloadui (/reloadui or /console reloadui)

Hello everyone,

I decided to make an aura that helps keep track of faction kills that eventually trigger Garrison invasions. The aura does the following:

1. Keeps a running total of kills per faction (totals survive game sessions)
2. Keeps a running total of kills per session
3. Displays a total of kills gained after you finish being in combat
4. Displays the totals upon entering the appropriate zones
5. Resets the respective faction's total when you accept the invasion quest
This is great, thanks :)

1. Added more mobs to mob list.
2. Added more zone names to ensure counter display appears in the correct zones
3. Changed counter display method to ensure proper functionality.

Simply re-copy/paste the code from the original post. Updating the aura shouldn't affect your existing totals. Please let me know if it does.

If while you're in an assault area and the display disappears, or doesn't appear at all, please let me know the zone name (the name appears at the top of your minimap) and I will add it!
I imported this and i just see 'New' and a '?'. I can't figure out what I need to do to get it to display any info. I tried changing all custom triggers to my name instead of Sweetsour and still nothing popped up. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious so any help is appreciated.
I just re-pasted the import code; try it with that.
Still nothing. I didn't change the names this time though. Are there any things I should be tweaking or should it just work?
It should just work. Try copy/pasting the code once more
I gave a quick restart a shot, reloading had previously done nothing, and it works fine now. Sorry for the hassle and thanks for the awesome wa :D
Excellent and you're welcome! :)
Giving this a try and I get a never ending stream of LUA errors while in my garrison. Going to run out to one of the dailies to see how it works.
Hmm that's odd. Are you able to see any of the errors? If not, could you type "/console scriptErrors 1" and let me know what error(s) you're getting?

(/console scriptErrors 0 turns the error tracking off)
I think i fixed it. Did a relog and now the text is showing up and no errors so far. Let me go hit some shadowmoon guys and I'll do a edit here to see if it comes up.

Edit: Looks like it's all working now. Socrethar's Rise in Shadowmoon valley isn't showing up the totals in the area, but the chat display when adding one to the specific faction is counting correctly.
Sounds good!

Also, I just updated it. I did the Shadowmoon dailies myself this morning and noticed the text didn't appear. There was a typo in the zone area. My apologies!
Do you have to have the daily for this to work?
Nope, when you enter the correct area(s), the tracking text appears
for some reason mine is just showing a question mark as the text .
Got it! Just needed a simple relog. Great job man and thanks!
Ooooh right, I just derped, haha. I just realized why it doesn't work when people import it. The aura grabs information on load, so the necessary information isn't there until the game reloads. I'll add that to the main post. Thanks all!
UPDATED: Version 1.3

1. Corrected typo in "Socrethar's Rise" zone name; the text should correctly appear in this zone.
2. Added condition that kills do not count when outside of the correct zones.
3. Added condition that doesn't count kills when your character is not level 100.
4. Added version number to help indicate whether or not your version is up-to-date or not. (This can be seen when you login [a message appears] and the group name in Weak Auras is now named "MOB_KILLS_v1.x")

Also, can anyone confirm if whether or not their existing data is still intact after an update?

(Thank you for your patience as I get the last bit of bugs smoothed out. These updates should become much less common)

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