Character name you cant believe wasn't taken?

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This one
This one.
Sometimes the simple ones look best when everything else is omlouts, tilde and ampere signs.
and this one
I made a male human Paladin and to my surprise the name Kenmasters was not taken :D
I was surprised this wasnt taken
Idk about this, but doesn't everyone who hoards BoA's have an alt they send them to specifically to, well. Hold them?
And then on the merged realm it was open as well. LOL
I managed to get Longfeng and Scootaloo.
Some names are taken on every server that is up. Seems like.
11/29/2014 05:07 PMPosted by Skadoosh
11/29/2014 04:38 PMPosted by Mailmanmax

We can do that??? There are plenty of names I want off people who have not logged in since 2005.
You can Request it in a ticket, but there is no guarantee that they will free it up. I can't remember how much time has to have passed since the account being active.

Which section do you file this under when you open an in-game ticket? I don't see it anywhere.
My name. I was like "What." Three letter names are some of the hardest to come by.
I wanted analtrasher69 but ended up with this one
Mine. I just typed it in and went in with no problems, back in Vanilla.
I think it was because, my server was pretty young when I joined it.
I got a goblin named Doohickey.

I found it clever. And normally I wouldn't be surprised, but this was on Area 52.
Genuinely this.
<---- was originally gonna be named Dreana, but the name was taken, so I modified it.

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