Holy Light no longer generates HP...

when used on BoL target?
Am I just experiencing a bug or is this true now? TBH I think it's stupid but oh well what can we do right?
I havent ever gotten HP from anything but Holy Shock to be honest, i was hoping it was a bug but maybe not.

This is definitely a bug, In the talent tree it states that it will generate holy power. It was working last night....
Yeah blizzard hotfixed it overnight. I think their excuse was we didnt go oom as quick as the other classes. They can't change the tooltip of the tower of radiance talent until a proper patch though.
I felt like I went OOM a lot, that's kind of why we now use classes CC abilities. Then I was fine on trash. But oh well learn as you go my friends!! We'll be fine in the end!

I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a bug or something
I HAVE to spam flash of light now to even hope to keep a tank up in heroics (=oom in like 30 seconds).

Not QQing but if they leave it this way permanently they might as well take out divine light, and make flash of light and holy light the way they were before. Holy light doesn't out heal ANY damage whatsoever and now doesn't even give holy power, so it may as well be the long cast big heal again.
Yeah they nerfed LoD too, it says 3k heals per charge but with 3 holy power I heal only 5k?!! More of a nerf than a hotfix :(
Who cares about light of dawn nerf, the holy light generating holy power was a million times more significant.

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