It's not a nerf... It's a bug.

Because there's no way they could have intentionally made our DPS this low. This is just ridiculous. It has to be a bug. Maybe we should just spam the Bug report forums, or send lots of tickets on low DPS. Maybe they will hear us.

I've almost got booted from a few pug groups, and I'm sure a few of you out there have gotten booted.

Makes me sad... I might just play another class till something gets fixed. Because this just makes the Paladin very undesirable.

Though, it is still fun to play. Blizz did a good job at that. And, I do love Inquisition, if only I could do greater damage. :)
go prot! Im loving the dps as prot >:D
I'm not sure if making our dps this low was intentional or not, though we can still fill a supportive roll in dungeons. I'm always tossing WoG's out to help out the healer, along with Hand of Sacr when the tank is taking heavy hits.

I'd say start running dungeons with your guild, since a lot of people in pugs either
1) don't cc, resulting in the tank and healer being strained.
2) don't realize that ret paladins are not meant to be purely dpsing.
3) don't see that you're using you supportive spells, instead of just facerolling through the instance.

You may check out my talent build if you would like, tried to create one that could toss out a decent amount of dps, while picking up a few supportive talents.
Yeah, It would help if I used Word of Glory more often. Especially if the healer is in a very difficult position. I also try to interrupt and CC as much as possible. Whatever I can do to make up for my loss of DPS.
Its not a bug its scaling imo. At the gear levels that people have at the moment we don't have enough haste, crit, or mastery so our dps is low. I think that for once blizz is scaling us so they don't have to nerf us later.

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