Tower of Radiance - Holy Pallys please read!

For all you holy pallys just tuning in, as of 12/14/10 Paladins no longer gain a charge of Holy Power from Tower of Radiance when using Holy Light. This nerf was sneaked on us with no warning, but it is indeed a nerf, not a bug. The tooltip as of now does not reflect this change, so I would like to make you all aware that the tooltip is currently inaccurate! Apparently we were just "too efficient." ...yeah.

Now, if you want my personal opinion on what to do, I would tell you ToR is essentially useless now. It is a complete waste of 3 points, and Holy Light is now dead, there is zero reason to cast it anymore. But this isn't a QQ thread, so please take note and adapt accordingly!

To join in on the QQ thread, here it is, about 50 pages long.

You will still use Divine Light on the tank during periods of heavy damage. It is mostly during this periods that you need HP to heal. It's not entirely useless, just not as useful. From my theoretical standpoint, it seems like anyone raid healing would be affected by this the worst.

I'll probably keep ToR until and unless I find Blessed Life would help more for raiding. There really isn't much of a replacement to put my talents in that's related to healing other than Blessed Life...

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