Dear Blizzard, name your price.

I love Retribution, but this system isn't working. Please tell me what we must do as customers to convince you to fix it. We are willing to negotiate generously.

Yes, I can do my community-accepted rotation correct and whatnot. The RNG nature, pointless CC threatening cleave, abysmal self-healing, PVP complete failure, etc... it's just downright saddening.

I don't care to be on top the DPS charts or the "best class in the game". I just want a fair chance. Right now, I might as well go play Milton Bradley's SORRY! board game and just let the dice fly.

P.S. Is it true Paladin is the most played class? Can we fix it so less Paladins look at, *cough*, "TOR"?

Thanks for reading! :) Even bigger props if Blue gets back with us.

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