ITT: Prot Pally nerfs(or nervs?)

with ret, now holy, are nerfed, only one left is prot. I recently just started tanking 2 days b4 cata launched and im loving the dps over my ret! so let's discuss any possible nerf prot pallies might get to make the impact of a possible nerf less on us.... GO

We're all screwed as far as I'm concerned. And honestly we've had the spotlight on our class for 2 expansions.
The thing they will nerf is WoG.
Our heals have already gotten a significant stagnation nerf.

We gained around 220% hit-points already this expansion and our heal power only increased around 30% and that is being generous. I've been stacking STR instead of STA to get more out of my heals, but it's kind of like pissing in the ocean honestly.

Flash is absolutely worthless now, It heals for a whopping 10k without a crit and eats 25% of your mana pool.

WoG when you have all the bells and whistles is the only decent heal we have right now, and even that is vastly sub-par compared to what it was at level 80.

Avenger's Shield damage scaling is sub-par too but I'd have to actually pay closer attention to it to get more solid data.

We've already been nerfed, most people just haven't realized it yet.
Its still insane when compared to other tanks. Only Dks have better.

The balance issue that will get this nerfed is that the more self healing a tank has the more damage they have to take.

We do not take enough damage to justify all the WoG healing we receive....ESPECIALLY when you take EG into account.

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