Holy changes and you! Next use for beacon

As many people have realised, our "Group healing" got stealth nerf. It happened, nothing we can now do about but find other ways to get ourselves stacked in raids. And we also have the answer.

With Protector of the Innocent and Enlightened Judgements, I'm sure most of you have found, that you yourself almost never needed heals. This is part one. Second is, beacon of light does not need to go on the tank. Stick it on a random DPS, the one that seems to take the most damage for what ever reason. Then, you just heal the tank and shocks and WoG (and flashes if they are failing) on the other 2 part members (in Heroics) or leave them for another healer in Raids.

In a ten man, if you have 2 paladin healers, beacon 2 deeps, The paladins heal a tank each, MT when needed. And then the priest/druid/shaman takes himself and the remaining 3 dps, with pallies throwing shocks where needed.

So yeah, your keeping 3 people up for the mana cost it takes anyone else to heal a tank. Not to mention we have strong tank heals.

Hope this Helps

Enjoy your healing!

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