Nerf would be ok, but change of mechanics?

Posted by Hyjinx
i think they should have changed the talent to not guarantee holy power (like 75% or 50% chance to generate HP) from all three heals rather then make holy light not affected by the talent, that is pretty lame and i feel bad for holy paladins <3

or buffed other classes rather nerfing one

Or have a built in cd for procs like Blessed Life has. Not sure which I'd prefer, though I really hate the RNG game.
Blizzard, I have to say while I appreciate your trying to balance and fix issues in game I'm not paying to be your live beta that you just keep switching stuff around on every few days. You were supposed to have this kinda stuff ironed out prior to the release of the expansion. I'm really tiring of changes that are so drastic they completely change your entire game play strategy. I used to love this game but this recent game developement strategy has gotten me down, I'm really starting to lose faith and respect for your establishment as a reputable software/game organization. I'm not gonna keep paying to be your pink pally guinnee pig! This nerf really sucks
It's wierd, and frustrating, as they gave little to no attention to the matter since Nathaera's post.

I don't hope for an answer for each post made in the forums, since they are flooded. But at least a single post addressing the issue, giving us the milestones so we know what to expect. Like a reasoning why they did it this way and if we could expect they revert the mechanic in trade for another type of fix.

In a game this big with this kind of community, it is important for the community to know what you can expect and what are the changes coming ahead of time. Stealth nerfs should be forbidden, if you guys care for all the time and effort we put in this game. You know, people that do have a life go out of their way to run the extra mile in-game.

Double the mana cost of Divine Light and triple the base healing.

It's kind of a pain when you are geared better than your tank (12 heroic pieces already, 1 epic, Avg iLevel 344)...and it takes 4 of your "biggest heals" to bring the tank from 20% to 100%.

I just think that the base healing is not properly ratioed with the high amounts of health that people have. Even after trash pulls, I'm healing the party to bring them up to 70-80% ish for a good 6 seconds. That's even on CC'd pulls with people that know how to get out of a whirlwind, etc. Splash damage is high, healths are high, and even our biggest heal is small.
Posted by Scifipala
<blockquote data-quote="15363460324"><div>Posted by Baneslayer</div>We already have Holy Radiance for what you describe.

LoD is made to heal in a cone, and its made to take skill to use. Positioning yourself to plant a LoD is one of the reasons i love healing.</blockquote>

Lod is only usefull when ur playing with competent players or on vent...end of discution,

LoD got nerfed too. It heals for about half the amount now. It's completely useless for me now unless I want to just top everyone off before a boss fight quickly.

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