[H] Twilight Brigade Recruiting

Small guild of experienced players that date back to vanilla times - all approaching (if not already) 85 - looking to do heroics daily and eventually progress into raiding.

We're pretty tight knit - but that's what happens when you quest and level together for so long.

We're looking for experienced players for PVE and PVP; that know their characters (and want to know ours) - intimately. ;p

That's about it, really.

We have a guild bank with about 4 tabs and we'll add more as they become necessary.

We're all about 21-25, a mix of guys and girls and we limit ourselves to at least 5 "your mum" jokes a day. :]

Anyone interested is welcome to send a tell to either myself or any of the officers. (Zingkrink, Eethan, Rawn or Vodalus)

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