Exploiting Dalaran Arena starting area

Some friends of mine, and I joined a Dalaran arena. After joining we killed the Shaman and Warlock.

After waiting around for shadowsight, we found their rogue. He found a way to stay in the tunnel and sat there pretending to be AFK(after logging into my other account we found out that he was at his keyboard, running back and forth in the tunnel).

Pretty cool stuff. He planned on sitting up there until we all AFKd and gave them the win.
12/15/2010 1:07 AMPosted by Bovicud
how did that whole deal end up? i got stuck 1v1 as feral vs a resto druid in sewers once. oh god the longevity of a healer back when ferals could only kill discs..

Ended up with us waiting out the remainder of the match. Both teams lost points. Factions and I had tickets open, no response yet.

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