Help-me with Frenzyheart/Oracle

Please someone help-me!

I can't start Frenzyheart/oracle reputation. When i kill the mob "Pitch" the NPC does not give me any quest. And I can't take the quest "Part-time hunter" with Tamara at Lakeside Landing.

Idk what to do, Im trying for several days and no one can help me.
You can't start at the very beginning of the chain (like you're trying) because you're not *at* the very beginning of the chain. If you were, Frenzyheart and Oracles wouldn't be on your rep sheet at all. (And they'd both be at zero neutral.)

Check your bags and bank for an item called "Goregek's Shackles". If you tossed it, Elder Harkek at Frenzyheart Hill will give you a replacement (similarly, if he doesn't offer a replacement, it means you didn't toss it and need to look more closely).

Once you find/reclaim that, use it and out will pop Goregek, a summoned NPC who follows you around and helps you fight. He also has a quest for you. Do his quest, and you should be able to proceed with the chain. (You'll get other NPC helpers too, throughout the chain, and many times they'll have quests as well. Quests from NPC helpers are required for the chain, so when in doubt, check your NPC du jour.)

And just fyi, general big picture of how the chain goes:

- Don't do 25/25 dailies beforehand. You'll need to use a daily quest at the end.
- Start with Frenzyheart.
- Quest with Frenzyheart for a while, you'll hit honored.
- One quest will massively shift your rep and make you side with Oracles.
- Quest with Oracles for a while, you'll hit honored with them.
- You'll get a quest to kill an elite lich named Artruis at the end.

- During the Artruis fight there'll be a time when a Frenzyheart and an Oracle NPC attack you and you have to kill one. Kill the one you *don't* want to be sided with (so if you want to be sided with Oracles, kill the Frenzyheart).

- Turn in the Artruis quest (the turn-in spot will spawn where he dies). Then talk to the surviving Oracle/Frenzyheart NPC, do the daily quest they offer (this will adjust your rep as necessary to make you honored with that faction and hated with the other), then pick up the followup *after* the daily, which will breadcrumb you back to the main Oracle/Frenzyheart camp.

- This breadcrumb unlocks the regular rep-grinding dailies (there are 3 any given day, out of a total of 8 possible: 1 quest-giver always gives the same one every day, 1 gives a random one out of 3, 1 gives a random one out of 4), which are how you get your rep from honored to exalted. 1700 rep/day, not counting rep bonuses from racial/guild/event.

- If you want to change sides (such as for the Mercenary of Sholazar achievement or whatever) after completing the chain (this won't do any good if you haven't done that yet), go back and fight Artruis again. Same rules apply except you don't have to turn in the quest *to* kill Artruis because you've done that already. Kill the guy you don't want to be sided with, and from the survivor do the daily quest (adjusts your rep) and the breadcrumb back to camp (unlocks the rep-grinding dailies).

- Note that the daily quest from the survivor *is* a daily quest. You can only pick/change your side once per day. If you accidentally pick the wrong side and kill the wrong NPC, don't do their daily quest. Wait for Artruis to respawn, redo the fight, and kill the right NPC. If you pick the wrong side, kill the wrong NPC, and also do their daily quest, then you'll have to wait until the next day to fix that.
Wowhead covers the entire chain in some detail:
Teddie, Thank you so much for reply, you saved my day :)

thank you Nok
I am having the same problem I had the quest chain, but went on to level my too, when I cane back to it (After Cata) I am nut with both, and nither side will talk, or give a new quest??????
Since you are Neutral with both you must not have done any of the quests in the chain at all.

Go to Lakeside Landing and find Tamara. She may have a quest "Part Time Hunter" for you. If not, don't worry, you may have already done it but missed the follow up.

Either way, go south to find the lion Pitch and kill it (this will complete the quest). After you kill it, a Frenzyheart will come up to you and complain, and after a bit of text he will offer you a quest to go see the Frenzyheart chief. That is the start of the chain.
I have done all of the quest line up to "A Hero's Burden", and I've handed in the quest at that jar of his, AND killed the Frenzyheart NPC. I have also accepted/completed the daily quest for the Oracles NPC, yet when I go back to get the dailies for the Oracles none of them will show up. I don't know what else to do...
Repeated necrobumps of this poor topic aside, in order to unlock the dailies you must:

- Follow the original quest line up to and including completing "A Hero's Burden".

- During "A Hero's Burden" (or re-fighting the lich of your own volition at any point afterwards), keep alive the NPC you want to be sided with and kill the NPC you want to be enemies with.

- Take and complete the daily quest offered by this surviving NPC to pick your side and adjust your rep as needed. If you accidentally kept the wrong NPC alive *and* did their daily quest, you'll need to wait for dailies to reset.

- Take the NPC's followup quest (which is not a daily, but has the usual yellow exclamation point), which is a breadcrumb back to the main camp. This breadcrumb unlocks the dailies. It's only offered after you complete the side-picking daily quest, so if you just do that one and then get out of dodge without noticing the surviving NPC has another quest for you once you've done that, you'll need to re-fight the lich (and keep the same NPC alive).

- If you change sides in future, you'll need to do the same thing (take the daily to adjust your rep, then take the breadcrumb to unlock the regular rep-grind dailies) on the other side.

- If you change sides *again* in future, you'll only need to take the daily to adjust your rep. The breadcrumb stays complete and the rep-grind dailies stay unlocked.
thank you Teddie, it really helped me out.

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