Is there a haste cap?

Just wondering as I get gear and reforge/gem it, how much haste is too much?

I like casting faster, I have read quite a bit, seen other threads here and followed them.

I have been going stat wise Int>spirit>haste so on.

Not really a fan of mastery, am I wrong in that? Is it better than I am making it out to be?

Can check my gear and whatever, just got the Ramkahen (spelling?) belt and it up'd my haste again.

I am still in a pvp spec, I know I should change I am just lazy.

Still the long drawn out question I am getting at is should I keep stacking the crap out of haste, these 2 second casts drive me crazy..

Thx in advance :D
Ok, thx again for the info.

I am thinking crit will help even more now with the changes blizz has made to our HP generation.

I will work to get those cast times down, then play around abit.
I used to stack haste to increase HPS with HL. But now that Holy Light is obsolete and replaced by DL, I might start stacking spirit instead, since DL has enough HPS already.
For the raiding environment, int gives more mp5 through Replenishment than spirit.
As for haste, I reforge it all to crit or mastery. More mastery means bigger bubbles, more crits mean even bigger bubbles. Haste just assists you in using all of your mana to do the same job.

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