Ret PvP - Really that bad?

My Priest friend pst me last night. He was running 2's as shadow with a ret & said he went 12-0. My friend wanted to join him for 3's & we went 12-3 or 13-3 (I'm feral).

1 comp beat us 2x (out of 4 times we faced them) which was almost a mirror matchup Feral/Ret/DK(frost?) and their Ret smashed our ret in the face every time. 2 of the matchs we nuked their DK before he could do much & tried to CC their druid to get some damage on him (and keep him off our spriest) and the other 2 times our ret had to bubble quick, and bubble our Spriest, but the incoming dmg was too much.

TL|DR Is it as bad as they say? Our preist prolly could have been more on the ball with dispells but that feral was wrecking his day.

Yes. Ret Pvp isnt as good as it was in Wrath. Personally i think that if they would have kept it the same but just gave us an interrupt we would be happy.
I did ret/mage two's yesterday with a friend of mine, we went 5-5 at a 2k MMR. Our only problem was me being squishy and getting tunneled, and spriest/mage. Not to mention we weren't really using vent or anything.

Frankly, i was surprised doing arena felt alot different from BG's. It was way slower, and when I got my damage ramped up and rolling. (Inquisition/wings/other cd's) it wasn't really that bad, and the flexibility of WOG (even though it didn't heal for much) was really fun.

Ret/shadow goes well together, I ran it last season in two's it was fun.


I heard QQ that Ret's movement now was very good and that they were maintaining high uptime (similar to feral). I noticed from out games that our ret was squishy too. I (feral) have a pile of CD's to get me out of a bind, so did our Spriest, but our Ret would just bubble -> heal and then on the next burn on him he would fall over.

In my 2's with my DK (frost) he kept spell stealing pally bubbles/LoH (we BG'd a bit too) and then would loose his mind laughing on vent. We fought a Prot(pal)/Prot(war) and they were both focusing him (we were both focusing the pally) then the pally bubbled and the war switched to me. I was like "Wtf?" before my DK starting lol'ing on vent saying he stole the pally bubble.


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