Serious Ret question.

Ok, i was seeing pitiful numbers on heroic bosses before this last patch, 6-8k on a heroic boss, maybe 10 if i were really lucky on procs. Now i am consistantly over 11k on bosses with absolutely no damage buff for the party, just straight-forward dps. A fight where I can just burn im getting over 12k, bosses with adds still over 10.

Anyone else seeing a difference?
It's all luck based. It's impossible to come up with static numbers on Paladins now because of our random nature. I'd beat the crap out of anybody and everyone in PvE and PvP if I get a streak of Exorcisms, you get the point.
well thats what I thought too..but how can i go from a constant "overall" dps in a heroic of 5k to an overall 9k, with over 12k on bosses. I dont know if my luck could have possibly changed and have it be that much more consistent.
I'll try it tonight. I just die a little inside to scrap for haste gear so I can generate decent Holy Power...sigh.

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