Divine Light > Holy Light now

With Holy Light no longer generating Holy Power, we no longer have any reason to cast Holy Light anymore on beacon'd targets. For targets with beacon, DL will outperform HL in every way: HPS (healing per second) and HPM (healing per mana). These are some sample numbers to prove my point:

Word of Glory: 4,620 (glyphed) per point

Eternal Glory talent increases the effectiveness by 30%

Word of Glory: 4,620 * 1.3 = 6,006 (glyphed & with EG) per point

Divine Light: 22,727 + 6,006 (from Holy Power gained) = 28,733

30% base mana / 7,420 mana; 2.5 second cast

28,733 / 2.5 = 11,494 HPS

28,733 / 7420 = 3.8724 HPM

Holy Light: 8,520

9% base mana / 2,226 mana; 2.5 second cast

8,520 / 2.5 = 3,408 HPS

8,520 / 2,226 = 3.8275 HPM


Divine Light: . . . . . . . . 11,494 HPS . . . . . . . . . . 3.8724 HPM

Holy Light: . . . . . . . . . . 3,408 HPS . . . . . . . . . . 3.8275 HPM

So, what happened to Holy Light being our "go-to" or "auto-attack" heal? Seems like now, if we cast Holy Light, we're only punching ourselves in the face.

I think I'm missing something here.

All that changed is that Holy Light no longer proc's Holy Power when used with Beacon of light.

So by your logic and math all the "nerf" did was make you realize you weren't being efficient in the first place.

Apparently Divine Light SHOULD have been your go to spell anyways.
big heal is good at big healing

news at 11
12/16/2010 1:01 PMPosted by Thorle
So by your logic and math all the "nerf" did was make you realize you weren't being efficient in the first place.

No. The math shows that ToR healing is more efficient than straight spam (no big surprise there). The "free" healing from WoG offsets the HPM loss of DL. HL used to have this same "free" healing, but it doesn't anymore.
I get the strong feeling this theorycrafting is for heroics. Raids are a different story, Holy Light is still used.
12/16/2010 5:04 PMPosted by Ryorian
Divine Light, Divine Light, Divine Light, Divine Light, Divine Light, Divine Light.


Do you even know what hpm is? Did you even read the post? Go away troll.
I would love to direct your attention to this:

How is Divine Light better again? Thats right, its not.

Bah forgot to add in there that conviction isn't factored either.
Basically the person making the topic has pointed out to suggest using divine light more. He's done his homework but he's forgotten to add in the critical effects of Holy Lights and Holy shock procs giving word of glory more of appeal then wanting to use 7,026 of my Mana compared to a 2107 Mana users.

Even tho our Mastery sucks I rather have the 2 times heal with absorption rathing having a big heal absorption that only last 6 secs instead of having 2 moderate heals with the same effect.

What are you trying to say? Divine Light procs Daybreak as well.

However, wouldn't Holy Light spamming proc it more?
12/17/2010 4:42 AMPosted by Faelyne
I would love to direct your attention to this:

Hey Faelyne, trying to double check the work. You've got a pretty good history with theorycrafting, so if our conclusions are so wildly different, I'd like to figure out where the disconnect is.

I'm trying to piece together the cast sequences you're comparing, and I think I'm getting confused.

The fairest comparisons I can find are HS:2DL w/ LoD to 3HS:6DL with LoD. I assume the sequences are ToR rotations on a single target so:

HS->HL->HL (3x) -> LoD (3 cycles with a dump)


HS->DL->DL->LoD (Single Cycle with a dump)

I'm trying to get the same numbers you have in the table, but I'm not getting them to match. Are these the correct cast sequences? I wanted to make sure we're comparing apples to apples before I dig too deeply into it.
TBH, I didn't read the thread past the first half of the first page because it didn't seem to be anything more than number crunching and throughput analysis. Throughput is WotLK, and now dead. Throughput is irrelevant. What Blizzard has done is complicated damage models, and given us the tools to handle these new intricate damage models. In Wrath, the damage models were simple - everyone took lots of damage, so healing everyone for lots sufficed. Now, damage is much more predictable. In order to heal successfully, you need to heal in response to the outcoming damage, as has always been done, but now the outcoming damage is much more complicated. You need to know when the boss damages whom, so you can figure out when you have time to gradually build someone up with HL and when you don't, so you can switch out the big guns and get them up quickly with DL/FoL/WoG. The thought no longer needs to be on throughput, but in the most mana-efficient way to adapt our spells to the damage done.
Holy Light currently is situational at best. It really isn't worth casting more than DL.

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