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I have been a PVE guy since I picked up WOW and I am starting to take interest me pvp. My question is where can i get started when i hit 85? I was play arenas. Also what should I do to prepare for PVPing? Is there any site that I can vist for guides and such for new pvpers?
Ask your in-game friends about pvp, if you have any that do pvp. Do some battlegrounds and figure out how to fight other classes. Best way to learn is to just do it. Youll need resilience later but nobody has much right now anyways, so doing battlegrounds right now would be a good oppurtunity to learn and gain honor points.
And I dont know what spec of paladin you are but apparently Ret isnt very good right now, but Holy and Prot are both solid, even though you dont see many PvP prot paladins.
My advice would be to start right away.
The best way to get better is to go to where ever people duel on your server (its Goldshire for me) and just duel. People say 1v1 doesn't matter... well being good at it doesn't hurt.
I would not start right in with Arenas, nor would I start with rated battlegrounds. Do some regular pug battlegrounds and pick up some understanding.
No matter what, do not say "Im here to learn" cause people will complain and blame you solely if we lose.

Protection is pretty good as a support class and pretty much PvP on training wheels. HOWEVER, Ret is not nearly as bad as people say. I know quite a few ret paladins who enjoy the game.
Heavy Armor, use exo
Everything else, just bash away!
i'd recommend checking out for advice from really good players after you've done a few bgs and are starting to get a feel for the basics of your class.

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