[BUG] Pet Frenzy

Bug Report
Frenzy is not working with some of my hunter pets as of today. I have at least 5 or 6 pets per each of my dual specs that do not recieve the frenzy buff. It seems to be tied to my spec since for some pets frenzy works with one spec but not with the other. I have tried killing my pet, dismissing, respeccing myself and my pet but I cant fix it. The "Frenzy Effect" buff will not work at all on these pets.

I have also tried the standard procedure of deleting my Interface WTF and Cache folders.
I was having this problem as well and had a post all typed up about it but I think I just figured it out. It was only happening on my wolf and none of my other pets. I had tried dismissing, respeccing him, putting him in the stable, etc and nothing was working. However, when I changed my pet's spec it changed my pet ability bar. When I changed him back to his normal spec it put Bite on my bar. Before I had replaced Bite with something else and I did not notice that Bite had been turned off. I have no idea how it got turned off but I turned it back on and went on a killing spree. Frenzy works again! I also did some more testing and changed my spec and noticed that Bite was on in my other spec and would remain that way which would explain why it was working in 1 spec but not the other. I also had 2 different guildies test it out for me (one in LFR and the other by dueling me) and we confirmed that if Bite is off, Frenzy does NOT activate at all and Focus Fire does NOT proc. I had no idea Bite and Frenzy were linked. Not sure if it is intended or not. Hope this helps!
Ooh, I'll have to check that. I just made a post about this because my wolf suddenly wasn't getting frenzy too!
I am seeing this critical BM bug. I did Durumu Normal 10man last night (5.3) and on Monday (5.2). I always try to do it as BM. I went from 66 frenzy stacks in 5.2 to SEVEN frenzy stacks in 5.3. Details below.

On Monday my pet had 163 melee attacks and 72 bite attacks. I was using a boar. The fight lasted 8m39sec. This resulted in 66 frenzy buffs with a total uptime of 89.3%. I hit focus fire 10 times and got 270 focus total. This is pretty good.

Last night, my pet had 155 melee attacks and only 8 claw attacks. I was using a spirit beast. The fight lasted 7m27sec. This resulted in only 7 frenzy buffs with a total uptime of 13.6%. One time I saw it stack to two and hit focus fire (once) and got back 12 focus. Once.

Yes, I had a few variables different in the fight. Different pet. Different raid (3 heals vs 2 heals). But both pets had full autocasts on except for Growl. I had the same talent choices. aMoCs and Glaive Toss. So no Dire Beast(s) talents were in play.

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