LF a focus/rage/mana/energy moveable bar

UI and Macro
Hey there, I am solely looking for a bar that displays all your power, whether it be focus, rage, mana or energy. Ideally the bar would be customizable, eg: can change the width, height, scale etc. Also it must be movable, as I would like to have it in the centerish of my screen.

Any ideas on a particular addon with what I have said in mind?

EDIT: I am ONLY looking for this bar alone. I don't want one that's aesthetically like ")" it must be like "-----". I hope that makes sense.

A simple resizable, moveable power bar.

Be sure to check the Optional Files tab for plugins, such as the Hunter Helper focus addin.
Try MoveAnything
I'm a bit picky, heh. Is it possible to have one that doesn't display the numbers? I looked at StayFocused, but it has the text, which I don't like. I don't see an option to disable it either in the options with the ss.

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