Smoke Bomb...

Perhaps I just misunderstand how this is supposed to work, but the tooltip says enemies are unable to target into or out of the smoke bomb. I'm running away from a spriest, he drops target. I run into a building and drop a smoke bomb, yet the priest targets me and starts dotting me up from outside the smoke bomb. Can someone pls clarify or is sb just bugged?
The animation of smoke bomb is a little buggy, its radius isn't what it seems to look like.

That helps a bit, but I was standing right on the smoke bomb and he still targets me, which is what I'm having trouble understanding
This ability is the sole reason me and my warrior lost arena games, it works exceptionally well in arena. The radius is pretty big, I'd say the priest must of been just in it or maybe the house bugged it out some how.. :(
i dont even bother using smoke bomb, its so useless, i have yet to see it work like its supposed to. ill use smoke bomb, not move, and ill still get hit. its gonna be like vanish, 3 expansions later it will be fixed.
Smokebomb does seem a little buggy was dueling my frost mage buddy yesterday his pet was still hitting me even though that bugger was outside of the cloud area.
I have seen smoke bomb work once and it confused the crap out of me. Took me a sec. to figure out that the smoke bomb had actually worked. But what can you expect, your vanish was broken for like an entire expansion.
so far its working okay for me... but it was epic in a duel with a frost mage... i poped it he stood just outside of it didnt try anything... just stood there saying WTF... only think that i would say was 'LOLSUP it worked O_O' and lost v.v cuz mages are OP --> discuss
Smoke bomb works but theres a tiny delay.

Its not vanish: you cant do it as a spell is flying at you and avoid the spell.

Id say its a very situational ability but if you use it right it can be really powerful.

Tip: If you are using it to avoid shadowpriests dots your probably doing it wrong anyway =D
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