Is it possible to swim to Vashj'ir?

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And if so, can you swim to it without Cata and not get banned? (My friend asked me this)
You can't swim fast enough before fatigue kills you. 310% flying won't get you out there fast enough.

The fatigue bar will expire before you get even close.

It /is/ possible to fly there, with 280% riding.

But again, you'd need Cataclysm for that.
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You can't swim fast enough before fatigue kills you. 310% flying won't get you out there fast enough.

Pretty much this. Gotta take the quest there first.
I've definitely gotten to vashj'ir before fatigue even kicked in plenty of times from the mainland.
310 flying won't get you out there fast enough? Really? Then I must've used hax because my Dk with 280 got out there fine. Don't mind the fact he has On a Pale Horse, but even with that talent I'm still only going 300.
You can very easily fly to Vashj'ir. Shortest route is Dun Morogh to Kelp'thar Forest, but Stormwind Lighthouse to Shimmering Expanse (Biel'aran Terrace) also works.
You can't swim fast enough before fatigue kills you. 310% flying won't get you out there fast enough.

You can fly there even on a 100% speed flying mount. The far edge of Vashj'ir boarders closely to the outer wall of Dun'morogh.
anyone who tells you you can't fly to/from Vashj'ir is 100% wrong.

You have to go out of the western part of Dun'Morogh, and hit the little peice of ocean closest to it, but it is possible even with 280 (not sure about normal flying mounts).

But there's probably something in place not allowing you to get there w/o a Cata Expansion.
The night before Cata launched, in Swim Form with the speed boost glyph plus a few HoTs every couple of seconds, I made it to non-fatigued area in Vashj'ir. It is possible, under certain conditions (specifically, that you have some kind of swim speed boosting ability).
I know the thread is somewhat old, but it is possible to swim to Vashj'ir without ANY boosts. I just did it on my level 20 warrior. (gnome) I died twice making the crossing from the western point of Dun Modor, and the graveyard I went to was in Westfall (!) but I just made it safely before dying a third time. FWIW, I do not even have the Cata expac yet, and am able to get exploration credit for the regions explored. So it can be done if you are patient enough.
Just so you know, only 3 out of the 12 people who posted, even play anymore. lol.
holy necro batman
Better just to take the portal from Org.
Firstly i am aware this is an old or dead thread though i found it was the only one related to how to actually reach Vash'jir without a portal and would like to explain this in it's fullest.

I made the flight from the most western point of non fatigue zone in Dun Morogh extremely easily. I had 150% flying with no speed boosts. Normal flying and i barely went over half way fatigued. To reach the area on the other side of the mountain without a mount you can swim up from Stormwind or down from Menethil Harbour.

Someone moving at swim speed should be haltered to 75-77% movement speed - Just under half the 150% flying mark and hence may die once or at most twice from fatigue before reaching Vash'jir.

You will not get banned for making your way to Vash'jir regardless of what expansion you have currently installed. It is a game mechanic to be able to swim or fly there, much unlike people glitching their way into GM island which will get you banned!

It is also more convenient to be summoned there, depending on your level the summoning stone outside the dungeon 'Throne of Tides' or the portal area either above the dwarven district for alliance or the valley of wisdom for horde. Note: you can not use the portal unless you have the expansion and are appropriate level and have done the appropriate quest.

If you do not have the expansion to be able to enter 'Throne of Tides.' You can not be summoned via the portal or a warlock summoning stone -or- summon friend from the recruit a friend system. The game will indicate a red error warning message in your text box for you saying you can not enter a locked zone and your friend will recieve a similar message saying that the summon has failed. This leads to the obvious fact that swimming will be your only means of reaching Vash'jir.

As with anyone who has not done the quests, swimming underwater in Vash'jir will apply a breath bar and you will be able to drown. - Most rarespawns and alliance bases will require dying atleast once to reach.

Lastly an easter egg related to this thread. If a level 1 runs out of breath they will not drown, the cataclysm health regen upgrade for low levels and removal of low level twink healing means that the percent of your health you lose from drowning will always be less then the health regeneration itself. - This does not work with fatigue as fatigue damage is consistant with the area and not your breath mechanic.

You can assure you stay level 1 if you intend to explore Vash'jir without dying by paying 10 gold to the experience eliminator in the Stormwind Keep for alliance or the valley of honor training area in orgrimmar for horde.

~ Regards Guanshiyin / Wyrmrest Accord / Alliance

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