Hemo fix

Dear Blizz,

first of all if your a rogue or do not play rogue dont bother posting its not your concern you would defend your classes so dont bash ours.-

Combat needs a big fix Sinister Strike damage is garbage 2k average to 5k a ability taht is 100% wep damage + 200 should not be around it needs to be scaled big time.
lots of potential damage here in combat

- Assassination needs to have mobility outside of Cloak and Vanish once your out of those your toast. Suggest bringing back Deadly Throw bonus to gloves ?.

- Sub you guys stated "Subtlety is about daggers but not so much as Assassination" another thing " We want rogues to do more damage with their special abilities" well you guys definitely didnt scale Hemorrhage or Rupture both do garbage damage 5k as a good crit for hemo and 1.5k rupture ticks are pretty sorry.

were forced to go backstab when most of the time its not very opprotune to get behind our targets. im pretty sure every rogue that has common sense that is not someones alt would appreciate a upscale for Sinister Strike ( Combat) and Hemo ( Sub). Shouldn't be forced to go daggers . Heck we can even Ambush with Big weps now but theres no incentive to keep using it.

We def got the big nerf with Dr's on Stuns when every other class has a Stun one way or another ie Fel Guards , multiple warr stuns , Druids + other forms of CC to name a few with no DR's on their stuns

- Rogues were built to Stun from Cheap Shot to Kidney Shot was bread and butter and still had a good size CD.

In return we have more survivability and a "improved" vanish which is ok nothing to write home about but its decent (made more for Repositioning and getting another attempt to attack instead of running).

With love - Shade :D
switched to my ex-twink because its a rogue only thread.

rogues are fine l2p

/end thread
your 19 twink is bad :D and yes i 100% agree with the no dr on our stuns ferals dont have them... so why should we? Anyways was there anything wrong with the way our stuns before the patch?
I'm doing just fine, though I probably out gear alot of folks at this present time, and will most likely continue doing so.

Get gear, L2p

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