How do you Beacon?

Sup guys,

I was just wondering that with the new Beacon of Light that only heals the target for 50% of the heal done, how have most of you holy pally's been doing it in pve? Still beaconing the tank, beaconing yourself, or a random dps?

I was just wondering if we have come to a general consensus about the most efficient way to beacon our party and heal.
I tend to keep it on the tank/off tank at all times, unless I know a dps will be taking some damage. The way I heal I put BoL on the tank and almost spam heal HL until I see a dps losing health, then I switch to them, through up a HL or two on them then switch back to the tank. If the tank has lost considerable dmg I use a HS or FL to catch back up depending on the amount of damage the tank has taken. When I get full holy power I usually use it on Light of Dawn. Also throwing out aoe heals when necessary. Using this style I made it through every instance I came across without problems. I think I only wiped 2-3 times leveling from 80-84 and I been pretty much leveling by instances.

This isn't a scientific style that I researched to the deepest depths, it is just what works for me.
I like to beacon the tank most of the time, just because it decreases maintenance. However, there are certainly situations in which it's proper to throw it around the group, which is made painless enough by the glyph.

The main key is to always have it on someone, since almost everything we do transfers.
BoL the tank, and use HOLY SHOCK casually, unless intense healing is required then switch to HL or FoL between HS cooldowns. In extreme situations I find the BoL on main tank is the most useful because all members are taking damage, you HS, FoL, and word of glory when 3HP on all of them: your being healed through talent, tank being healed through BoL to full.

No matter its 50% cuz he benefits from both direct heal to those taking dmg, and the talent heal you receive. Too easy.

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