Beacon[DivineLight][FlashofLight] Macro

Anyone using a macro when you cast Divine Light or Flash of Light that it beacons the target then heals them to gain a Holy Power point?
Unfortunately it's impossible without a GCD between the two spells.
You can only link spells together that do not cause or are affected by GCD with the exception of ONE spell in the macro.

You can do a cast sequence.

#showtooltip Divine Light
/castsequence Beacon of Light, Divine Light
that seq would cast beacon before divine light every time. I usually prefer to have beacon set to a mod key like shift or alt so that it only casts once, something like this:

/castsequence [mod] Beacon of Light; Divine Light, Flash of Light
Good point. I was figuring it'd be a whole seperate keybind than normal Divine Light.

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