Ret Talent Tree Suggestion

I'd like to know what you guys think:

I think I put in some interesting alternatives.
wartools is for bad ideas.

good ideas are concise.
Okay, now if only I could get someone to read my suggestions instead of dismissing them at a glance...
no one is going to read your wartools

if you have an good concise ideas that fix into a single post I would be more than happy to read them an comment on them.
Can't fit talents into one post and I'd rather use war-tools instead of typing it out again, especially if it would require 2 or more posts. It's a lot cleaner anyways and not difficult to access.
if you can't be bothered to be concise no one is going to pay any attention

quit using war-tools, it's worthless.
I rate it a 2. personally I think it's too OP. so we get avenging wrath + your Righteous Vengeance? and then the way your hand of light works + zealotry 25% increase in TV damage and in 10 seconds bash our TV key like theres no tomorrow. dont like it i give 2 for the epport

edit: how old are you?

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